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06-28-2015, 05:05 AM
Hello all,

I would really appreciate your assessment and recommendation regarding the strengths/weaknesses of my application. Thank you very much!

Type of Undergrad: Hanoi University, one of most prestigious Unis in Vietnam, but of course, unknown in the world.:shy:
Major: Bachelor of Business (major in Finance) - Highest Achieving Graduate (Top 1)
Master in International and Development Economics (magna cum laude) - Berlin University of Applied Sciences (Top 10%) - DAAD Scholar
GPA: Cumulative 8.39/10.0, Econ 9.5/10.0, Math 9.5/10
Relevant honors: None
Math Classes: Advanced Mathematics (Linear Algebra), Calculus 1, Statistics and Probability, Econometrics, Quantitative Methods in Economics.
Econ Classes: Intermediate Micro, Advanced Macro, Agricultural Econs, Economic Geography, Development Econs, International Econs.
Finance Classes: Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing, Investment Sciences, Public Finance, Financial System, Money and Banking
Recommendations: I have got a very strong recommendation letter from the Dean of Hanoi University, and one strong letter from a Professor in Econometrics of whom I was a Teaching Assistant.
Teaching Experience: Undergrad tutor in all Finance subjects, Teaching Assistant in Econometrics for graduate studies.
Research: Finished bachelor and master theses in Business Cycles and Investment strategies as well as Financial Liberalization (unpublished)
Currently working as a Research assistant for RMIT Uni (an Australian Uni), but more on Corporate Finance
GRE: will not take as I do not apply for PhD in the US
Concerns: Graduating from an unknown university, Master from University of Applied Sciences in Germany (normally do not give direct access to PhD - my fault, because I didn't know this fact when I accepted the scholarship), weak research experience.
Target Schools: I am going to apply for PhD Economics (or Applied Economics/Finance) in Europe (preferably in the UK or Germany), or Australia.
Research Interests: financial economics, and labor economics (education).
Question: Is there any chance for me to get funding for PhD with this profile (I do not aim at top econ programs, however, not too low as I want to have placement as researcher in EU or Australia afterwards). Please advise me what to do in the mean time to improve my profile and increase the chance of getting accepted to PhD programs with funding.

Thank you guys!

06-29-2015, 10:23 AM
How have the best students from Hanoi done in the past? I