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The Chairman
07-04-2015, 03:11 PM
Hi, been browsing the web lately for info on grad schools and came across this forum. People here seem to give good advice so I figured I would register. I'm putting this in the Econ PhD because I wasn't sure exactly where to post, so hopefully this is the appropriate place:

Type of Undergrad: mid-ranked state flagship university. BBA Finance, BA Economics, minor Chinese
GPA: 3.8
Math background: Calc 1 (C+), retook Calc 1 at community college for credit, Intro Stats (B). Currently taking Calc 2 at community college for credit.
GRE: n/a.
LoR: none yet, but I'm pretty confident at least two economics professors (actual profs, not lecturers) would be willing to write me something decent
Work: current economics intern at a federal government agency
Awards: Economics Writing Award for best undergrad economics paper of the year
Research: plan to start work on senior thesis this coming fall

My ideal career for the immediate future would involve time mostly spent doing research work at either a university or somewhere in the government or private sector. I would like to continue my studies at the grad level but I'm pretty unsure of what schools or even what field would be appropriate for me. Obviously my math background is pretty weak, but since I never thought that grad school was in the cards for me I didn't try very hard. Therefore, I was thinking of doing MA first, but I would prefer if the program was partially or fully funded (I know it's rare). Ideally I would like the option of eventually doing a PhD if things go well.

Bottom line, I like the idea of doing MA in Econ, but I want to get the opinions of other people first. As far as math goes, I am capable of doing well if I actually put in the work. Anyway, my last semester at undergrad will be pretty open so I have free time for 2-3 courses of my choosing. Should I take econ grad level courses and maybe transfer them for credit later once I start MA, or should I try to beef up my math (even if it won't appear on the transcript going to the school)? Or should I start working and wait until later to do grad school? Any advice would be much appreciated.