View Full Version : Beat the time and u are close to 800Q

11-19-2004, 01:41 AM
:idea: After reading the scripts of the many people who have graced this platform for sharing ideas, with their experiences on the Real Gre. One thing about GRE( especially Quants) seems to constantly pop up. Time! Yep one of ETS main tools against us. Knowing the strategy or formula needed to solve a question is not good enough. U should be able to cough it up in microseconds. Everyone seems to complain about time.

I beleive a lot of people if given extra time will hit the perfect score. But that wont happen. So i want to start a thread where everyone can bring out any little strategy or trick for manipulating numbers that will save time.

Its the time-we need to beat it. Lets work together as a group and beat the 45 mins with a smile on our face.:tup:

11-19-2004, 08:11 AM
i hav seen similar threads from time to time again, so i'll avice we stick to one single thread instead of posting the same thing again and again, im myself doing this for the third time. Rather, im th only1 who responds to these threads. we are talking about working together i think??? but, i don't mind. just want this redundancy to end. so, will advice any new comer to First spend 5-6 days browsing the threads already posted, and 95% of th time u'll find wat u looking for already posted.