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11-28-2016, 08:26 AM
Type of undergraduate: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee(majored in Chemical Engineering)
Graduate: Indian Institute of Management Calcutta(MBA) (graduating in 2017)
Undergrad GPA: 8.26/10 (10 in a class of 60) , was ranked in the top 5% in a class of 700 after Year 1
Grad GPA: 7.8/9 ( 20 in a class of 460) ( 8.25/9 in Econ and Maths)
GRE: Q 170 V 163 AWA 4.5
TOEFL - 113 ( R 30, L 29, S 26, W 28)
Math courses: Cal I-II (UG) A( Covering Differential equation, Vector Calculus, Fourier Transforms etc) Numerical analysis UG B+ , Statistics Grad A- , Optimization, Real Analysis ( Self Studied using Rudin as reference), Operations Research A+( Covering Markov analysis and Montecarlo Simulation), Dynamic Systems UG B
Econ courses: Micro A- , Macro A , Intermediate Macro A+ , Behavioral Econ A+, Econometrics A+, Labour economics(pursuing), Game Theory (pursuing), Eco Dev A, International Economics (pursuing)
Research Experience: None Published; 2 Working Papers ( Intergeneration Education Mobility ; Monetary Policy), basic research in Behavioral Econ, presently pursuing research in Eco Dev and Game Theory under profs who will write letter of recommendation
Work Ex: Programming background, worked for a couple of years for a Tech firm

TA: Not exactly the kind of TA in US universities, more of an informal type for Macro and Operations Research in Grad( will provide proof to Uni)
SOP: Slightly longish in order to explain my weird profile
Recommendation: One from Game Theory professor graduated from Princeton, one from Macro Prof from U Minnesota, and one from Eco Dev prof graduated from JNU (India)
Interest: Dev Eco , Game Theory and Monetary Policy
Applying to: Michigan, Minnesota, Columbia , BU, Maryland, Virginia, Cornell, Rochester


Unusual Background
Apparent Lack of Math. I believe I am adequately prepared without much coursework to show for. For e.g. don't have courses on Matrix Algebra, Linear Algebra ( these courses are a prerequisite to get into IIT) Also 2 semesters of Calculus might seem less but Differentiation and Integration aren't taught to us in UG, they are part of prereq. Self Study might not count for much but I am fairly comfortable in Real Analysis, Introductory Number Theory. If it counts for anything, I have solved 100+ problems on Project Euler.
Little Research work. Most of it is in process.

Help Needed - Am I aiming too high? Want to crack at least 1 with funding.

12-02-2016, 01:21 PM
Any guidance would be appreciated !!

12-02-2016, 06:28 PM
Lack of research experience could be your death knell but if you widen your application list, you may stick somewhere

12-05-2016, 06:16 AM
I think your profile is not weird. You have a really strong undergraduate background with solid math courses which is a must for an econ Phd though you lack Strong Econ Courses as your MBA econ courses are nowhere near to the Grad level Econ courses as Grad courses are a completely different thing. Though, having LOR's from well connected profs will be extremely helpful.
As far as applying to Universities is concerned your profs giving you the LOR's will be the best people to tell you.
People applying to Phd's from India have similar research background as you have thus it is not a matter of concern.
I think you can aim for a few higher ranked universites also.
Hope this helps