View Full Version : 2002 Feb Newsletter Explanations?

02-11-2002, 01:53 PM
Hi Dears,
Great chance to become familiar with you.I'll be so grateful if you answer my questions.
What's the difference between choice A and D in the first question?
1. ------ the works of Sylvia Plath is the depth and power of the emotions she so effectively conveys.
(A) The most striking features of
(B) What perhaps most strikes
(C) Perhaps striking
(D) What is perhaps most striking in

And what's the answer for 2?Which part of speech is "Mayas"?,and the preposition of rely?
2. Efficient maize ------ the hardy vegetable extensively, using it fresh during summer harvest and dried during winter months.

(A) farmers the Mayas relied on
(B) farms the Mayas relied on
(C) farms the Mayas relied
(D) the Mayas farmed and relied