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11-13-2002, 07:14 PM
Hi Everybody,

I wrote my TOEFL yesterday. The scores were as follows:

Listening - 27
Structure/Writing - 13 - 29
Reading - 30

The range is 233 - 287.

I would like to thank TestMagic for everything. This was the only help I took for my TOEFL. Going thru the scored essays made me comfortable with that part of TOEFL. I was really quite scared of that part in TOEFL and I am scared of it in GRE too.

I haven't been an active member of the forum till now. But I guess, I will be one from now on. I'm writing my GRE on 14th Dec. And again, for the GRE essays, I am banking on TestMagic alone !!

Well, Thanx a lot Erin ..


11-13-2002, 08:47 PM
amruta, this is a very good score ! I would like to have the same :)
My exam is on 26. November and I am a bit nervous :)

Miss Avni Bhatnagar
11-14-2002, 08:11 AM
This is a real good score!

[/SIZE]ALL THE Best Erdtek[/SIZE]!
My exam is on 22nd Nov. and I'm unwell!So a bit worried!

Love Avni...

11-14-2002, 01:11 PM
Hi Avni and Erdtek,

Thanx a lot !!

Don't worry so much about ur TOEFL. I studied only for 2 days for my TOEFL!! It is pretty easy for Indians because most of the kids go to English medium schools. (I dunno if Erdtek is Indian too .. but I am sure .. if you've put in enough efforts .. you will definitely do well !! )
The essay .. I was myself quite worried about. But I guess essays in TOEFL are much easier than essays in GRE.

Listening part in TOEFL.. well .. I would like to say that you have to REALLY concentrate on what you are listening to so that there are no disturbances .. or rather you are not bothered about the other people typing .. or any other noises for that matter.. since .. like everybody said .. that the conversations are longer than the ones we practice ... the comprehensions too are quite long ..

The best part about the TOEFL CBT is that you have the head phones .. you get to adjust the volume ..
And like somebody on this forum had said .. (that was a very nice post .. ) increase the volume a little more than you are comfortable with .. that will serve 2 purposes .. you will hear the conversations quite clearly .. and it will also keep you from falling off to sleep !! ;) (I am assuming that you are giving the CBT)

And another important thing is that .. Reading Comprehensions are very easy .. and you have ample time to finish the questions.

While writing the essay .. be confident of yourself and type it out .. Be sure to keep at least a minute to go thru it.
You have a lot of time on hand before you appear for your exam ..
so go thru the sample essays .. and the scored/graded essays on TESTMAGIC .. that will help you a lot !!
My topic was - Some people think that governments should spend money on exploring outer space while others think that they should spend this money for our basic needs...

I dont think I wrote it well .. will let you know when the results come out.

Well .. you have enough time for Structure too .. So never be in a hurry to finish of things ... Read the sentence over completely 2-3 times .. and then pick out the wrong construct ..

I am sure you will do well !! Just go and write the test with complete confidence in yourself !!


11-25-2002, 10:16 PM
Hello All,

I recieved my TOEFL score just now.

It is 277 !! ( I am okay with the score .. except .. the essay !!)

I did real bad on the essay .. a meagre 4.5 ... I am now so worried about the GRE essays !! huh ...

neways .. I wonder how my score is 277 ... when I got only a 4.5 on the essay ..

Thanks all.


11-25-2002, 11:14 PM
[/SIZE]Wonderful score![/SIZE]


11-26-2002, 12:01 AM
Hi Amruta,

Thats really a GRRREAT score, especially when you say you've been given a 4.5 for the essay. As for the essay marks, I guess you dont have to worry about that as it is only the final score that counts, quite unlike the GRE. So, rest assured..

11-26-2002, 02:35 PM
Well done !

250 is enough for all intents and purposes.

11-26-2002, 04:05 PM
Thank you Tho,Xaero & Amigoro !!

I really hope they don't look at my essay rating for TOEFL. I am going to try harder for my GRE essays (I need a 5 there at least).. though I simply cannot match your writing and for that matter that of all the people who post their essays here !!

Wish you all luck for your applications !!