View Full Version : Will ETS cancel my scores for watching others?

02-18-2002, 06:02 AM
Hi Erin,
As You know that all the C.B.T tests are video taped and audio taped.
When I took the test,I looked into the computer screens of other test takers,not with the intention of cheating but out of curiosity.Anyway the computers were quite far and one could not see anything with the naked eye.And all the test takers will not be answering the same questions.The person incharge did not say anything to me.
But I fear that my score may be cancelled by the ETS.
Kindly comment on this.
Eagerly waiting for your reply,

02-18-2002, 09:40 PM
To tell you the truth, I have *never* had a student have her scores cancelled, and I think a little 'peering' is natural and even unavoidable.

At any rate, you'll find out in a few weeks, right? But I wouldn't lose any sleep over it!!

BTW, could you post back when you get your scores? That way this thread can be closed, and we'll have the final answer.

Hope that helps!

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