View Full Version : TOEFL 290/300 on 26th October 2002

11-29-2002, 11:58 AM

I took my TOEFL on 26th October and received my official score report some time back. My score is as follows :

Listening 30/30
Structure 29/30
Reading 28/30
Essay 6/6

Total 290 / 300 when I had a ranged of 237-290.

The listening section is where I feel most people can have a problem. Watching english television channels may help. The passages are rather pretty long at times and questions may related to minute details in them.

Plenty of time for the reading comprehension section - so don't hurry up. And don't forget to cross check your answers when you complete your passage - u can go back in this section.

Essay - for those of you from English medium should not be a problem. Be good with spellings and avoid making long and ambigous sentensces.

All the best.


11-29-2002, 01:38 PM
Oh, nice score!!!

I totally agree with your advice! I myself took the test not so long ago and have the same opinions as yours :).

Thank you for joining us. Hope to see you in the next process.