View Full Version : FPGEE documents question attn: indian pharmacists

04-18-2005, 05:54 PM
dear all,
i'm in process of sending application for FPGEE. have some q.s abt
that -
- i have all transcripts with me, sealed & letter from my pharmacy council in india. is it necessary that NABP receives these documents directly from concerned organization? or if i send it alongwith my application form, it would be still acceptable?
- would it require less time to get ATT# (acceptance) if NABP gets these documents from concerned organizations?
- i've got a good standing certificate or what they call proof of registration from pharmacy council in india. it seems to me that they have not attached a photocopy of my registration. when questioned about that, they said,"this is how we give it n thats all
we give". is it acceptable to NABP? or do i need to attach an attested photocopy of my registration? the application form says dont attach that. they need a proof from the p'cy council. what do i do?

thanx for ur time

04-18-2005, 06:41 PM
Your documents seems very good and must be qualified. It does not matte to send these by you or the institution. I have a friend who sent the doc by himself and it is ok.