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01-08-2003, 02:43 AM
Hi everyone!
I've just got the exam yesterday
Listening: 18
Structure: 10-28
Reading: 22
Total : 167-227

This is my first exam. POOR ME !!!I have unbalanced English .:(
That 's not my score I expected. Now I got some experiences i want to share with everyone.

Listening: I was practicing with Heinman and Clift. It didn't work out for me. I was trained to face with tricks in listening. But no tricks at all. The listening they talk all about the facts, events, science ...I got 50 questions but only 5-6 conversations , the rest is the talks between professors and students about opera comic, gamma ray, pressure of atmosphere blah blah blah ....I think the problem is I don't have enough words to understand the lectures even though I listen clearly every word. Thus I began to feel asleep as if I used to when learning a boring lecture from school . And then I lost concentration. My experiences is that you guys should forget about tricks, distraction that you might heard about Toefl, just listen about science as much as you can (astronomy, biology, history ,....).

Struture: I got 20 questions in 15 minutes.Gammar practices in this website are very useful.Thanx Erin :) ! If you read all questions in this website and understand them completely, I think you will be fine in Section 2. By the way, they gave 1 question exactly like the question in here
1. It is the lack of gravity on the moon that makes ______ leaps of 30 feet or more. (possible, it possible,...)
Fortunately, Erin helped me pass this question :)

Reading: I got 44 questions in 4 passages in 70 minutes. 2 first passages were easy for me. The third passage was about hunting for oyster . The last passage ,which I didn't what they wrote about,was about microbial.

Essay: Topic 173 borrowing money from a friend can or can not damage friendship.
My essay was in 5 paragraph format. But I'm affraid that my essay didn't have enough 250 words.

even though 213 is the score I used to dream about, but once I join in this forum I've seen most of you guys had great scores ...so I have to take a test again. Grades encourage me much.:D
Thank you all ,espacially Erin

01-08-2003, 05:41 AM
Hi Simon, you did an excellent job in section 2. That is really great. Concentrate on listening . I hope you will get a higher score next time.

01-19-2003, 07:01 AM
In my opinion, listening is always harder in CBT than PBT, even CBT has no limit for each question. You need more practice on this section! Structure is a part which shares score with writing, this part's score really depends on your writing skill. You did great job on this section ( however, we don't know your TWE yet) About reading, I really don't know your reading skill, but I had the 44 questions too. You can read some English magazines such as TIME, National Geographic(really helpful). They really really do help your reading skill and vocabulary.
Try your best, you can do it just like others!