View Full Version : How to prepare for GRE in 40 days?pl. Advise.

02-01-2003, 11:26 PM
Hi All
I have applied for Masters in Comp Sc at University of Colorado Boulder.
I am from India but now live in Boulder on H4 visa of my husband and eligible
for in-state tution fee. I was working as a s/w engg. before coming to US. Intially I thought that I don't require to give a gre since my GPA is B avg.(I think that is 3.0 or above) and department's site mentions so . Also I was busy taking pre-requisite courses in which I have scored A grade. But now I think it is better to give GRE to increase my chance. I have scored 243 in Toefl and my gre test is in March. I am more concerned about a verbal & essay section than quantitative.
Through the forum I came to know about number2.com for verbal section which I found excellent. Can anybody tell me how to tackle GRE in 40 days?

Since I have already submitted my application I wonder whether my gre score would reach them on time.


02-03-2003, 08:21 PM
Have you seen AmigoRo's post at the top of the forum? The advice is great! Check it out here: