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04-27-2002, 11:03 PM
Summary: ETS is closing many CBT centers that have not been profitable and will be offering paper-based tests in those locations instead.

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ETS To Reorganize International Testing Operations

Princeton, N.J. (April 4, 2002) --

Educational Testing Service (ETS) announced today that it will reorganize and refocus its international computer-based testing (CBT) operations to increase efficiency and improve access through multiple ways of testing.

Currently, ETS CBTs are offered to more than 1.5 million people worldwide through some 400 domestic centers and 195 international centers operated by Prometric. Over the next twelve months, ETS will phase out operations at 84 CBT centers outside of the U.S. and Canada. To ensure continuity of service, ETS will establish paper-based testing centers at educational organizations such as colleges, universities, schools and advising centers in the affected areas. Less than 15 percent of international test takers are affected by the change. View the list of affected centers and their expected closing dates.

These new paper-based test sites coupled with the remaining CBT sites internationally will ensure that test takers in all areas will continue to have access to the important exams delivered by ETS. These exams include the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE). The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), which is also computer based, will be offered at many sites as mobile computer-based tests. Less than 1 percent of GMAT tests will be delivered as paper-based tests.

Paper-based tests for the TOEFL and GRE may be offered internationally on the following dates. Not all centers will test on all dates. Latest information is available at www.toefl.org and www.gre.org. Information on GMAT is available at www.gmac.com.


May 11, 2002 (select locations)

October 26, 2002

August 24, 2002

February 1, 2003

September 14, 2002

October 19, 2002

January 18, 2003

March 2003 (being planned)

May 10, 2003

June 22, 2002 (select locations)

October 26, 2002

February 1, 2003

The international sites selected for closing had extremely low testing volumes, with some sites operating only a few days a week. "As a best practice, ETS continually monitors testing trends to ensure that our services are being delivered as strategically and as cost-effectively as possible," explained ETS President Kurt Landgraf. "Our research shows that 80 percent of our international test takers are being served by 20 percent of our centers. ETS cannot continue to operate centers without test takers to support them, so we’re centralizing operations at nearby colleges, universities and schools. We remain committed to computer-based testing as an effective delivery method, and to providing test takers with access to the exams delivered by ETS."

"Whether delivered at a computer center, at an institution on paper, or by a mobile testing operation, our world-class testing products and services will continue to serve individuals, schools, colleges, and businesses," Mr. Landgraf continued. "We have enhanced versions of our tests coming out in the future as well as new online services and products that measure knowledge, promote learning, and improve performance."

"Through the years, ETS and Prometric have partnered with the single focus of delivering the most effective and efficient computer-based testing services available to ETS candidates around the world," said Michael Brannick, Prometric president and chief executive officer. "The changes are in complete alignment with the needs of the test taker and the long-standing and on-going business partnership between ETS and Prometric," he said. Mr. Brannick confirmed that with more than 4,800 affiliated testing centers around the world, Prometric continues to maintain the world's largest delivery network for computer-based exams.

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Educational Testing Service is the world's largest private educational testing and measurement organization and a leader in educational research. ETS is a nonprofit company dedicated to serving the needs of individuals, educational institutions and agencies, and governmental bodies in 181 countries. For more information, access the ETS Website at www.ets.org.

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With 2001 revenues of $7.2 billion, the Thomson Corporation, (TSE: TOC) is a leading provider of integrated information solutions to business and professional markets worldwide as part of Thomson Prometric, the global leader in technology-enabled testing and assessment services for information technology certification, academic admissions, and professional licensure and certifications. Prometric delivers over six million standardized tests a year for more than 200 clients, in more than 25 languages, over the web or through a network of more than 4,800 testing centers in more than 140 countries.

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"ETS is a nonprofit company "
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