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254. CAJOLE v. to coax, persuade using flattery.
255. CALAMITY n. a disaster; distress.
256. CALLOUS adj. hardened; insensitive; unfeeling.
257. CAMOUFLAGE n. a means of concealing; a disguise.
258. CANCEL v. to nullify; erase; annul; make invalid
259. CAPITULATE v. to surrender; give up.
260. CAPTIVATE v. to fascinate; charm; enrapture.
261. CAPTIVE n. a prisoner; one who is captured
262. CARCASS n. the dead body of an animal; lifeless remains.
263. CAREFREE adj. without worry or responsibilities; untroubled
264. CARELESS adj. not careful; negligent; inattentive; reckless; heedless.
265. CARESS v. to touch affectionately; stroke tenderly.
266. CARICATURE n. an exaggerated representation; comic depiction
267. CARNAGE n. massacre; massive slaughter.
268. CARVE v. to cut; slice; divide
269. CASTIGATE v. to punish; chastise; severely criticize.
270. CATACLYSM n. a violent upheaval; disaster; catastrophe.
271. CATASTROPHE n. a disaster; calamity; cataclysm
272. CAUTIOUS adj. careful; showing caution; wary.
273. CEASE v. to stop; discontinue; come to an end
274. CELEBRATE v. to observe with a ceremony; rejoice; praise.
275. CENSURE v. to criticize severely.
276. CENTURY n. a period of one hundred years.
277. CESSATION n. discontinuance; stopping.
278. CHAGRIN n. embarrassment; disappointment
279. CHANCE n. an accident; risk; opportunity; unexpected event; hazard
280. CHAOS n. complete confusion; disorder.
281. CHARLATAN n. an impostor; quack.
282. CHART v. to make a map of; plan in detail; record
283. CHASM n. a deep crack; gap; abyss; wide divergence; gorge
284. CHASTE adj. morally pure; decen4 virtuous; unadorned
285. CHASTISE v. to punish; severely criticize.
286. CHILLY adj. cold; shivering; distant; unfriendly.
287. CHORE n. a minor job; unpleasant duty; routine task
288. CHRONIC adj. continual; constant; prolonged
289. CHUCKLE v. to laugh softly; cluck with amusement
290. CIRCUMSPECT adj. watchful; prudent; careful
291. CIRCUMVENT v. to avoid; outwit.
292. CITE v. to quote; refer to; mention; use as support
293. CIVILITY n. politeness.
294. CLAMOROUS adj. noisy; loud; boisterous.
295. CLANDESTINE adj. secret; covert
296. CLAP v. to strike hands together; to applaud
297. CLARITY n. dearness; lucidity.
298. CLEMENCY n leniency; mercy; mildness.
299 CLEVER adj. skillful; ingenious; mentally quick; shrewd; adroit
300. CLUMSY adj. awkward; blundering; lacking grace; inept; unwieldy.
301. CLUTITERED adj. messy; disorderly; confused
302. COERCE v. to force; compel; threaten.
303- COGENT adj. convincing; persuasive.
304. COGNIZANCE n. awareness.
305. COLLAPSE v. to fail apart; break down; fail; fold
306. COLLEAGUE n. a professional associate; co-worker
307. COLLIDE v. to come together violently; dash; conflict
308. COLLISION n. a violent confrontation; crash; conflict
309. COLLOQUIUM n. an informal meeting; discussion; seminar.
310. COLOSSAL adj. huge; gigantic; very large.
311. COMBINATION n. a compound; mixture; aggregate
312. COMICAL adj. funny; amusing.
313. COMMENCE v. to begin; come into existence.
314. COMMEND v. to praise; recommend; entrust
315. COMMENSURATE adj. corresponding; of equal size
316. COMMITMENT n. a pledge; obligation; contract; bond
317. COMMODITY n. an article of trade; product usefu1 thing.
318. COMMOTION n. noisy confusion; agitation; unrest
319. COMPASSION n. a feeling of sympathy; mercy; pity.
320. COMPETENT adj. capable; well-qualified; suitable
321. COMPETITION n. a rivalry; match; contest
322. COMPLACENT adj. self-satisfied; content
323. COMPLIANT adj. yielding; obedient
324. COMPLICATED adj. complex, intricate; confusing.
325. COMPLICITY n. involved as an accomplice.
326. COMPLIMENT n. an expression of praise or admiration.
327. COMPREHENSIVE adj. including everything; large in scope; inclusive.
328. COMPULSORY adj. obligatory; required; compelling.
329. CONCEAL v. to hide; keep undercover or secret
330. CONCEDE v. to acknowledge; admit; yield
331. CONCEITED adj. vain; having too high of an opinion of oneself
332. CONCENTRATE v. to bring together; focus in on; condense
333. CONCILIATE v. to placate; soothe; pacify.
334. CONCISE adj. short and to the point; succinct; brief
335. CONCOCT v. to make something; devise; contrive; cook up.
336. CONCORD n. harmony; agreement
337. CONCRETE adj. real; solid; particular; made of cement.
338. CONCUR v. to agree; coincide
339. CONDEMN v. to criticize; doom sentence; declare unfit; denounce
340. CONDENSE v. to make compact; compress; reduce; abridge
341. CONDESCEND v. to patronize; act with an air of superiority
342. CONDOLENCE n. expression of sympathy.
343. CONDONE v. to forgive; overlook.
344. CONFIDE v. to entrust; reveal privately; tell secretly.
345. CONFIDENT n. self-assured; bold; certain.
346. CONFINE v. to restrict; imprison; keep indoors; fettered
347. CONFIRM v. to make firmer; corroborate; verify; strengthen; ratify.
348. CONFISCATE v. to take away or seize something; to appropriate
349. CONFORM v. to adapt; harmonize; comply; make similar.
350. CONFOUND v. to confuse; to puzzle
351. CONFRONT v. to bring face to face; challenge; meet head on 352. CONFUSION n. disorder; bewilderment; distraction; jumble; perplexity.
353. CONGEAL v. to solidify coagulate; thicken.
354. CONGENIAL adj. agreeable; friendly.
355. CONGESTED adj. overcrowded; overfilled; clogged
356. CONGRATULATE v. to acknowledge someone’s achievement
357. CONJECTURE v. to infer; guess
358. CONJUNCTION n. a connection; union; the act of joining
359. CONNOISSEUR n. a knowledgeable appreciator of the arts
360. CONSCIENTIOUS adj. scrupulous; careful; thorough.
361. CONSECRATE v. to make sacred; dedicate to some service; sanctify
362. CONSECUTIVE adj. following successively; in a sequence.
363. CONSENSUS n. general agreement in opinion
364. CONSEQUENTIAL adj. important; following as a result
365. CONSIDERABLE adj. important; notable; fairly large.
366. CONSIDERATE adj. thoughtful of others’ heeds; respectful
367. CONSIGN v. to entrust; assign; set apart
368. CONSOLE v. to comfort or cheer up someone sorrowful
369. CONSOLIDATE v. to make firm; solidify; merge; strengthen, unite.
370. CONSPIRACY n. an illegal plot; treacherous plan; collusion.
371. CONSTANT adj. regularly occurring; persistent faithful; chronic.
372. CONSTRUCTIVE adj. beneficial to progress; helpful; building.
373. CONSUME v. to eat or drink; ingest; use up; destroy
374. CONSUMMATE adj. complete; supremely accomplished
375. CONTAGIOUS adj. able to spread; communicable; hard to resist
376. CONTAMINATE v. to make impure by mixing; to taint; po11ute
377. CONTEMPLATE v. to consider thoughtfully; ponder; meditate on; envisage.
378. CONTEMPORARY adj. from flee same tune or period; current; modern.
379. CONTEND v. to compete; strive; assert
380. CONTENTION n. an assertion; a dispute; controversy; struggle.
381. CONTENTIOUS adj. quarrelsome
382. CONTINGENT adj. possible; conditional; accidental.
383. CONTRACT n. a formal or legal agreement
384. CONTRACT v. to make smaller; condense; shrink; acquire
385. CONTRADICT v. to assert the opposite; be contrary to; deny; refute.
386. CONTRARY adj. opposed; different; conflicting; perverse.
387. CONTRIBUTE v. to give; add to; supply; make a gift to charity.
388. CONTRITE adj. repentant; humbly penitent
389. CONTROVERSIAL adj. marked by differing opinions or debate
390. CONVENE v. to assemble; gather for a meeting.
391. CONVENTION n. an assembly; formal meeting; custom.
392. CONVENTIONAL adj. customary; ordinary; conforming to norms.
393. CONVERGE v. to come together; intersect.
394. CONVERSION n. a change; the act of converting; a turn around
395. CONVEY v. to transport; transmit; communicate; impart
396. CONVINCING adj. persuasive; believable.
397. COOPERATE v. to work together; proceed jointly.
398. COPE v. to overcome; contend; struggle successfully
399. COPIOUS adj. abundant; plentiful
400. CORDIAL adj. friendly; gracious.
401. CORE n. the center; innermost part; essence; heart
402. CORPULENT adj. fat
403. CORRELATION n. statistical correspondence; interdependence
404. CORROBORATE v. to confirm; verify.
405. COUNTENANCE n. appearance; approval; composure.
406. COVERT adj. secret; hidden; concealed; covered
407. COVET v. to desire something; wish for; crave
408. COWARD n. one who lacks courage
409. COZY adj. comfortable; warm and inviting; snug.
410. CRANKY adj. irritable; grumpy; hard to please
411. CRAVE v. to long for; desire; need; covet
412. CREDIBLE adj. believable; reliable.
413. CREDITABLE adj. deserving praise; commendable
414. CREDULITY n. gullibility; readiness to believe.
415. CREED n. statement of principles or religious beliefs.
416. CRITERIA n. standards for judging
417. CRITICAL adj. inclined to judge harshly; crucial; serious.
418. CRITIQUE n. a critical review; an evaluation
419. CRONY n. an old friend
420. CRUCIAL adj. decisive; extremely important; critical
421. CRUDE adj. unrefined; raw; lacking tact; blunt
422. CRUEL adj. vicious; pitiless; causing suffering or pain
423. CRUISE n. a recreational ocean trip.
424. CRUMBLE v. to break into small pieces; decay; disintegrate.
425. CRUTCH n. a support for walking; anything used for support
426. CRYPTIC adj. hidden; secret; concealed; ambiguous.
427. CULMINATE v. to reach the highest point; climax
428. CULPABLE adj. responsible for an error; blameworthy.
429. CULTIVATE v. to prepare for crops; promote growth; nurture.
430. CULTURED adj. refined; well bred; urbane.
431. CURE v. to heal; remedy; restore to health.
432. CURIOUS adj. interested in information; inquisitive; strange.
433. CURSE v. to damn; call evil upon; swear at.
434. CURSORY adj. hasty; superficial
435. CURT adj. abrupt; concise; rudely brief; short
436. CURTAIL v. to cut short; stop; deprive oft lessen.
437. CYNICAL adj. distrustful of human motives; mocking; sarcastic.