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05-02-2002, 12:38 AM
762. FABRICATE v. to construct; make up; concoct
763. FACADE n. front of a building; false front
764. FACETIOUS adj. humorous; flippant; amusing
765. FACILE adj. easy; fluent; superficial
766. FACILITATE v. to make easier; assist
767. FACSIMILE n. an exact copy
768. FACTORY n. a manufacturing building or plant
769. FALLACIOUS adj. false; delusive.
770. FALLIBLE adj. capable of failing; subject to error; not perfect
771. FALSIFY v. to misrepresent; after to deceive; forge.
772. FALTER v. to waver; be unsteady; stumble; hesitate.
773. FAMINE n. starvation; widespread food shortage.
774. FAMISHED adj. starving; very hungry.
775. FANTASY n. something unreal or imagined; an illusion
776. FASCINATING adj. extremely interesting; captivating.
777. FATIGUE n. weariness; exhaustion; extreme
778. FAULTY adj. defective; imperfect; erroneous; amiss.
779. FEAT n. an act of courage or skill; an accomplishment
780. FEEBLE adj. lacking strength; weak; ineffective; frail
781. FEIGN v. to pretend
782. FERRY v. to transport or deliver; cross on a ferryboat
783. FERTILIZE v. to make productive by enriching; impregnate.
784. FERVENT adj. passionate; ardent; hot.
785. FEUD n. a long lasting quarrel; vendetta; bitter dispute.
786. FICTITIOUS adj. unreal; false; fictional
787. FIDELITY n. faithfulness; verity; loyalty.
788. FIENDISH adj. cruel; diabolical
789. FIERCE adj. savage; violent; intense
790. FIGMENT n. something imagined or fabricated; a fantasy.
791. FIGURATIVE adj. not literal; symbolic; metaphorical
792. FINAL adj. last; concluding; ultimate; decisive
793. FINANCES n. monetary resources; funds; revenue.
794. FINITE adj. limited; impermanent
795. FLAGRANT adj. conspicuous; notorious.
796. FLAMBOYANT adj. showy; ornate; highly elaborate.
797. FLATTER v. to praise insincerely; portray favorably.
798. FLEE v. to escape; run away from
799. FLICKER v. to burn unsteadily; quiver; flutter.
800. FLIMSY adj. insubstantial; weak; unconvincing
801. FLINCH v. to shrink from pain; retreat; show cowardice; recoil
802. FLIPPANT adj. offensive levity; disrespectful
803. FLOUNDER v. to struggle helplessly; move clumsily.
804. FLOURISH v. to thrive; grow lushly; prosper; wave vigorously.
805. FLUCTUATE v. to continually change or vary; rise and fall
806. FLUFFY adj. soft and airy; puffy; downy.
807. FLUX n. flow; change
808. FOIBLE n. minor weakness.
809. FOMENT v. to instigate; stir up
810. FONDLE v. to caress; touch affectionately; stroke lovingly.
811. FOOLISH adj. silly; unwise; ridiculous; absurd
812. FORBEARANCE n. restraint; patience.
813. FORBID v. order not to be done; prohibit; refuse to permit
814. FOREBODING n. fear something evil is coming; apprehension.
815. FORECAST n. a prediction; weather report
816. FOREFATHERS n. ancestors; preceding generations.
817. FOREMAN n. person in charge of work crew; jury spokesman
818. FORESIGHT n. ability to foresee the future; prudence
819. FORESTALL v. to prevent
820. FORMALITY n. a conformity to custom or procedure.
821. FORMER adj. preceding; earlier; previous; coming before
822. FORMIDABLE adj. difficult to surmount; feared; admirable.
823. FORT n. a defensive stronghold; fortification
824. FOSSIL n. remains of prehistoric life; something outdated
825. FOUL adj. disgusting; offensive; spoiled; unfair.
826. FOWL n. an edible bird; a chicken
827. FRACTION n. a fragment; part of a unit; small portion
828. FRAGMENT n a broken piece; unfinished part; fraction.
829. FRAUD n. a trick; deception; dishonest act or person.
830. FRET v. to worry; be anxious or uneasy.
831. FRIGID adj. extremely cold; emotionally unresponsive~
832. FRIVOLITY n. a lack of seriousness; silliness.
833. FROLIC v. to play joyfully; romp.
834. FRONTIER n. border region of a country; undeveloped area.
835. FRUGAL adj. thrifty; inexpensive.
836. FRUITION n. realization; fulfillment
837. FRUITLESS adj. unproductive; barren; unprofitable
838. FRUSTRATE v. to defeat; prevent; thwart
839. FUGITIVE n. one who has fled the law or a duty.
840. FURIOUS adj. violently angry; raging; fierce.
841. FURTIVE adj. secret; stealthy; sly.
842. FUSE v. to melt together; combine; blend; weld
843. FUTILE adj. useless; ineffectual; unproductive.