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05-02-2002, 12:45 AM
898. HAGGARD adj. worn; emaciated
899. HAMLET n. a small village.
900. HAMPER v. to hinder; impede; restrain; restrict; shackle.
901. HANDY adj. close at hand; accessible; convenient
902. HAPHAZARD adj. random; determined by chance.
903. HARBNGER n. a forerunner; sign of the approach of something.
904. HARDENED adj. firm; set; fixed; unyielding.
905. HARDY at sturdy; capable of surviving harsh conditions.
906. HARMLESS adj. unable to do harm; safe; inoffensive; innocuous
907. HASTY adj. rapid; recklessly quick; hurried; slapdash
908. HAUGHTINESS n. excessive pride; arrogance.
909. HAZARDOUS adj. dangerous; perilous; risky.
910. HAZY adj. missy; unclear; foggy; vague.
911. HEADLONG adv. hastily; with uncontrollable force; headfirst
912. HEADSTRONG adj. obstinate; willful; unruly.
913. HECTIC adj. confused; hasty; excited; feverish
914. HEED v. to pay attention to; consider; listen to advice.
915. HEEDLESS adj. neglectful; careless; not listening to advice.
916. HEINOUS adj. wicked; atrocious; evil
917. HEIR n. one who will inherit property; a successor.
918. HENCEFORTH adv. form this time onward; from now on
919. HEROINE n. a female hero; a principal female character.
920. HESITATE v. to hold back; pause; be indecisive.
921. HIERARCHY n. a group arranged by rank
922. HILARIOUS adj. extremely funny.
923. HINDER v. to hold hack; hamper; impede; delay; deter.
924. HINGE n. joint which allows motion; controlling principal
925. HINT n. a subtle suggestion; clue; very small amount
926. HOARSE adj. deep wad harsh sounding; husky.
927. HOAX n. a trick; deception; practical joke.
928. HOLOCAUST n. widespread destruction
929. HOMOGENEOUS adj. alike; uniform
930. HOSTILE adj. aggressively unfriendly; antagonistic.
931. HOWL v. to wail like a wolf; cry out in pain; laugh loudly.
932. HUBBUB n. a confusion of voices; noisy uproar.
933. HUMANE adj. kind; compassionate.
934. HUMANITARIAN adj concerned with helping people; philanthropic
935. HUMANITIES n. areas of study dealing with people and culture.
936. HUMBLE adj. lowly; unimportant; meek; modest
937. HUMID adj. moist; damp; muggy.
938. HUMILIATION n. disgrace; shame; degradation.
939. HUMILITY n. humbleness; modesty.
940. HUMOROUS adj. funny; comical; laughable; witty.
941. HYBRID n. something of mixed composition; a mongrel
942. HYPOCRITICAL adj. pretending to believe what you donít; insincere.
943. HYPOTHETICAL adj. based on a hypothesis; conjectural; uncertain.