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944. IDEAL adj. perfect; not real; imaginary.
945. IDENTICAL adj. exactly alike; the same.
946. IDEOLOGY n. the ideas or doctrines of a group.
947. IDLE adj. inactive; unemployed; useless
948. IDYLLIC adj. picturesque; pastoral; simple.
949. IGNOBLE adj. dishonorable lowly.
950. IGNORANT adj. lacking knowledge; unlearned; uninformed
951. IGNORE v. to refuse to acknowledge or pay attention to.
952. ILLEGAL adj unlawful; not permitted by the law; illicit
953. ILLICIT adj. unlawful; illegal
954. ILLUSORY adj. deceptive; unreal
955. ILLUSTRIOUS adj. famous; celebrated; distinguished
956. IMAGINARY adj. not real; existing in the imagination
957. IMAGINATIVE adj. creative; having a lively imagination; inventive.
958. IMITATE v. to copy; mimic; act like; simulate; emulate
959. IMMACULATE adj. pure; unblemished; dean.
960. IMMATURE adj. not fully grown or developed; unripe.
961. IMMENSE adj. very large; huge; boundless; vast
962. IMMIGRANT n. one who comes to settle in a new country.
963. IMMINENT adj. impending; soon to occur; approaching.
964. IMMORAL adj. not conforming to moral standards; indecent
965. IMMORTAL adj. not subject to death; eternal; imperishable.
966. IMMUNE adj. exempt; not able to catch a disease
967. IMMUTABLE adj. unchangeable.
96S. IMPACT n. a collision; striking together; effect
969. IMPAIR v. to worsen; injure.
970. IMPARTIAL adj. unprejudiced; not biased; fair.
971. IMPASSIVE adj. unfeeling; expressionless; motionless.
972. IMPATIENT adj. eager; anxious; not willing to wait; restless.
973. IMPECCABLE adj. faultless; irreproachable.
974. IMPEDE v. to hinder; obstruct.
975. IMPENDING adj. approaching; imminent.
976. IMPERATIVE adj. expressing a command; mandatory; urgent
977. IMPEREECT adj. faulty; defective; not perfect.
978. IMPERTINENT adj. presumptuous; rude; insolent
979. IMPERVIOUS adj. impenetrable; unable to be affected.
980. IMPETUOUS adj. impulsive; brash
981. IMPETUS n. stimulus; impulse; the encouragement needed to do something.
982. IMPLACABLE adj. not able to be satisfied or changed; relentless; unyielding.
983. IMPLANT v. to insert or place in something usually a living body.
984. IMPLAUSIBLE adj. not likely to be true; unbelievable.
985. IMPLEMENT v. to enact; put into effect; provide with means.
986. IMPLICATE v. to show that someone participated or was involved especially in a crime; involve
987. IMPLICATION n. something implied or hinted of; an inference
988. IMPLICIT adj. implied; inherent
989. IMPLORE v. to beg; to beseech.
990. IMPLY v. to suggest; indicate in directly; hint
991. IMPOLITE adj. discourteous; rude; not polite.
992. IMPORT v. to bring products into one country from another. 993. IMPOSE v. to force on; inflict; be a burden on; inflict
994. IMPOSING adj. impressive; grind; stately. 995. IMPOSITION n. placement of something usually a burden or difficulty.
996. IMPOSTOR n. a person who pretends to he someone else
997. IMPOTENT adj. weak; powerless; sterile
998. IMPOUND v. to seize and keep by law; to confiscate
999. IMPOVERISH v. to make poor.
1000. IMPRACTICAL adj. not realistic; not sensible.
1001. IMPRECISE adj. not exact; vague.
1002. IMPRESSIVE adj. causing admiration; awesome; grand
1003. IMPRISON v. to send to jail; to incarcerate.
1004. IMPROBABLE adj. unlikely; farfetched
1005. IMPROMPTU adj. without preparation; extemporaneous.
1006. IMPROPER adj. not suitable; unseemly; indecent; incorrect
1007. IMPROPRIETY n. something that lacks proper behavior or standards.
1008. IMPROVE v. to make heifer; enhance.
1009. IMPROVISE v. perform without preparation; create on the spot
1010. IMPRUDENT adj. unwise; thoughtless; rash
1011. IMPUDENT adj. impertinent; disrespectful
1012. IMPULSIVE adj. spontaneous; acting on impulse; impetuous; madcap.
1013. IMPUNITY n. without risk or fear of punishment
1014. INACCESSIBLE adj. impossible or difficult to reach.
1015. INACTIVE adj. idle; not being used; dormant; inert
1016. INADVERTENTLY adv. unintentionally; accidentally; carelessly.
1017. INALIENABLE adj not transferable; not able to be taken way.
1018. INARTICULATE adj. lacking facility in speech; incomprehensible.
1019. INCESSANT adj. uninterrupted; unceasing; continuous
1020. INCIDENTAL adj. accidental; minor; nonessential
1021. INCISIVE adj. penetrating; sharp; trenchant
1022. INCITE v. to provoke to action; stimulate; instigate. 1023. INCLUSIVE adj. including everything; comprehensive.
1024. INCOMPATIBLE adj. not able to get along together; inharmonious
1025. INCOMPETENT adj. not capable; unfit; inept
1026. INCONGRUOUS adj. inconsistent; inharmonious; inappropriate.
1027. INCONSEQUENTIAL adj. insignificant; lacking importance; trivial
1028. INCONSISTENT adj. erratic; lacking uniformity; contradictory
1029. INCORPORATE v. to combine together; unite with; add
1030. INCREDIBLE adj. unbelievable; extraordinary.
1031. INDECISIVE adj. unable to decide; hesitant; inconclusive.
1032. INDIFFERENT adj. lacking concern; apathetic; unbiased
1033. INDIGENOUS adj. native; intrinsic
1034. INDIGENT adj. impoverished; poor; penniless
1035. INDISCRIMINATE adj. not selective; random; confused
1036. INDOLENT adj. lazy.
1037. INDUCE v. to persuade; incite; cause.
1038. INDULGE v. to give in to desire; gratify a craving; pamper; spoil
1039. INDUSTRIOUS adj. hardworking; diligent; busy.
1040. INEPT adj. inappropriate; unfit; incompetent; awkward
1041. INERT adj. unable to move
1042. INEVITABLE adj. certain to occur; unavoidable.
1043. INEXPERIENCED adj. lacking experience; unskilled
1044. INFAMOUS adj. notoriously bad or evil
1045. INFECTIOUS adj. capable of spreading; contagious
1046. INFERENCE n. conclusion from evidence; presumption.
1047. INFERIOR adj. lower in rank or quality; lesser.
1048. INFEST v. to invade; pervade; overrun.
1049. INFINITESIMAL adj. immeasurably small; minute.
1050. INFLICT v. to impose; harmfully cause.
1051. INFLUENTIAL adj. able to influence or affect things; powerful
1052. INFORMAL adj. casual; not fancy; unofficial; relaxed
1053. INFORMATIVE adj. instructive; providing information or news
1054. INGENIOUS adj. clever; inventive; imaginative.
1055. INGREDIENTS n. components of a mixture; constituents.
1056. INHABIT v. to live, dwell or reside in
1057. INHERENT adj. intrinsic; essential; inborn.
1058. INHOSPITABLE adj. unfriendly; barren; not able to support
1059. INIMITABLE adj. unique; matchless.
1060. INITIAL adj. placed at the beginning; first
1061. INITIATE v. to begin; start; originate; instruct; admit in.
1062. INITIATIVE n. ability to start something; leadership; first step.
1063. INJURY n. a wound; damage; injustice.
1064. INNATE adj. inherent; inborn
1065. INNOCUOUS adj. harmless.
1066. INNOVATION n. something newly introduced; a change.
1067. INNOVATIVE adj. creative; novel; inventive.
1068. INNUENDO n. an insinuation or hint; derogatory implication.
1069. INORDINATE adj. unrestricted; excessive
1070. INQUIRY n. an investigation; question; dose examination
1071. INQUISITIVE adj. curious; prying.
1072. INSATIABLE adj. not capable of being satisfied; greedy.
1073. INSENSITIVE adj. unfeeling; not sensitive; harsh; callous
1074. INSIGHT n. sudden understanding; discernment; intuition
1075. INSIGNIFICANT adj. trivial; unimportant, not significant.
1076. INSINCERE adj. hypocritical; deceitful; not sincere
1077. INSINUATE v. to suggest indirectly; imply deviously; hint at
1078. INSOLENT adj. arrogant; impertinent
1079. INSPECT v. to examine for flaws; look at carefully; review.
1080. INSPIRATION n. an insight; stimulation; divine instigation
1081. INSTALL v. to put in office; set up far use; conned up.
1082. INSTANTLY adv. at once; immediately; without delay.
1083. INSTIGATE v. to provoke; incite; foment
1084. INSTINCTIVE adj. spontaneous; inborn; natural; deep-seated
1085. INSTITUTE v. to establish; organize; begin; initiate.
1086. INSURMOUNTABLE adj. not capable of being overcome.
1087. INTEGRATE v. to combine separate things; bring together.
1088. INTEGRITY n. completeness; uprightness; honesty.
1089. INTELLECTUAL n. a smart and informed person; deep thinker.
1090. INTELLIGIBLE adj. comprehensible; understandable.
1091. INTENSE adj. strong; acute; extreme; deeply felt
1092. INTENSIVE adj. concentrated extreme; exhaustive.
1093. INTERMINABLE adj. endless; continual
1094. INTERMITTENT adj. stopping and starting again at intervals; periodic
1095. INTERNAL adj. located within; inherent; domestic; subjective.
1096. INTERRUPT v. to stop; make a gap in; intrude upon.
1097. INTERSECT v. to cut across or through; overlap.
1098. INTERVAL n. a gap in time or distance between things
1099. INTIMIDATE v. to make timid; frighten; overawe; threaten.
1100. INTOXICATE v. to become drunk; stimulate; excite.
1101. INTRANSIGENT adj. uncompromising.
1102. INTREPID adj. fearless
1103. INTRICATE adj. complex difficult to comprehend; complicated
1104. INTRIGUING adj. interesting; mysterious; exciting curiously.
1105. INTRINSIC adj. essential; inherent
1106. INTRODUCTORY adj. serving to introduce; prefatory.
1107. INTROSPECTIVE adj contemplative.
1108. INTRUDE v. to thrust in without being welcome or invited
1109. INTUITION n. the act of knowing instinctively; insight
1110. INUNDATE v. to overwhelm; flood
1111. INVALID n. a chronically sick or disabled person.
1112. INVALID adj. not valid; unjustifiable; without legality.
1113. INVALUABLE adj. of immeasurably high value; priceless
1114. INVARIABLE adj. unchanging; constant
1llS. INVASION n. a forced entry; infringement; attack
1116. INVERT v. to turn inside out or upside down; reverse.
1117. INVESTIGATE v. to examine or inquire into in detail
1118. INVIGORATE v. to give strength or vitality to; animate.
1119. INVINCIBLE adj. unconquerable; not able to be defeated
1120. INVITING adj. attractive; tempting; alluring.
1121. INVOLVED adj. complicated; complex; intricate; incriminated
1122. INVULNERABLE adj. incapable of being attacked; impregnable
1123. IRATE adj. angry; enraged
1124. IRONIC adj. contrary to what is expected; sarcastic
1125. IRRELEVANT .adj. not applicable; not pertinent
1126. IRREPARABLE adj. incapable of being repaired or amended
1127. IRRESOLUTE adj. uncertain hew to ad; vacillating; indecisive.
1128. IRRITABLE adj. having a bad temper; testy; easily annoyed
1129. ISOLATE v. to set apart; separate; single-out