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05-02-2002, 12:49 AM
1130. JARGON n. gibberish; specialized language.
1131. JEOPARDY n. vulnerability; danger.
1132. JERK n. an abrupt movement; a jolt; stupid person
1133. JEST v. to speak playfully or jokingly.
1134. JOCULAR adj. playful; joking.
1135. JOSTLE v. to bump against; make unsteady; shove.
1136. JOVIAL adj. Jolly; cheerful
1137. JUBILANT adj. joyful; extremely happy.
1138. JUGGLE v. to balance many activities or balls; manipulate.
1139. JUMBO adj. very large; extra big.
1140. JUNCTION n. where things join or meet; the ad of uniting.
1141. JUNGLE n. dense tropical forest; competitive environment
1142. JUST adj. fair; equitable; upright.
1143. JUVENILE adj. young; youthful; immature.