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03-24-2003, 02:41 PM
:) Hi Erin, everybody,

MY score reads
Essay 5.5

Guess I scored quite OK(I always loved the English language!)......but it is the reading that is perplexing. I went through, rechecking, the whole thing (all questions,.. it seemed very easy) and I was pretty sure I would score perfect for reading..but...???

A few grammer questions were confusing and I knew I would lose a point or two. My Essay topic was one I had never seeen before.....About "the various events that change a Child into an Adult"!

Now, I found out about test-magic a little too late into my Toefl preparation,.. through a web search, orelse, I am sure, I could have improved, a little more, my grammer. But I liked the site, 'friendly' Erin and (mostly for) all the information it gives free and that is why I want to give all you other test takers a little (hopefully useful)information. THis is not exactly about English, but the other details....

1) Please take good care of your pencils..(in case you hand-write the essay)
I was given two pencils(you are not allowed to take in any of your own!)....but one of them broke early on, just as I was just begining to write on the Scratch Paper. I had no time in the middle of my essay (with the clock already ticking) to request another pencil! The second pencil was horribly blunt by the time I concluded. So guys and gals...... be careful!

2)Please take in the list of (codes) of the UNiversity you want to apply to, with you, into the exam room. THe list of Scools that appears on the screen at the end of the exam, that you have to choose from,may not contain many of the colleges that are actually listed on the bulletins. Beware..once you make any mistake on the Screen, as I sadly found out, they are horribly inflexible and unaccomodating. .....even though I realized my mistake immediately after I finished (after rechecking with my carefully compiled list,left in the locker, in my bag), at the test centre itself, and wanted to rectify my mistake!

3)The web-camera pictures they take of you come wierd-looking!!!....or maybe ...that is the way I looked/look!!!!!!!:crazy:;)! HA HA!!

By the way...I answered the test at Kayabacho Tower, Tokyo. But I am an Indian.

Bye then folks.....All the best for your TOefl TESTS..
I am busy preparing for my next big Exam(dental)
THanks to Erin.Keep up the good work!



03-24-2003, 06:20 PM
Moshi moshi!!

Nice post, mushi mushi! And CONGRATS!! :) :)You got a great score! Don't worry too much about the reading, though. I think sometimes the questions are a little tricky, and I've said before that if an educated native speaker were to miss questions, it would either be on the reading section (getting tricked) or on the listening section (simply forgetting something).

I think your TOPEFL topic was this one:

166: People recognize a difference between children and adults. What events (experiences or ceremonies) make a person an adult? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

And finally, I'm glad you found our site helpful! :)