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05-02-2002, 12:52 AM
1186. MAGNIFICENT adj. splendid; grand; lavish; outstanding.
1187. MAGNIFY v. to enlarge; amplify; glorify; intensify.
1188. MAIM v. to disable by wounding; mutilate; impair.
1189. MALEVOLENT adj. wishing harm to others; malicious.
1190. MALICIOUS adj. intending harm; spiteful
1191. MALIGN v. to speak ill of; defame
1192. MANIFESTATION n. a demonstration; revealed form; display.
1193. MANSION n. a large stately house
1194. MANUSCRIPT n. a handwritten or unpublished work
1195. MARE n. a female horse.
1196. MARGIN n. a bordering space or edge; limit; allowance
1197. MARITIME adj. located near the sea; concerned with shipping.
1198. MARTYR a. one who sacrifices himself for a cause.
1199. MASSACRE n. indiscriminate and large scale killing.
1200. MASSIVE adj. very large; heavy; substantial
1201. MATURE adj. fully grown or developed; ripe; complete.
1202. MEAGER adj. scanty; lean; inadequate
1203. MEDDLE v. interfere; intrude
1204. MEDIATE v. to help settle differences; intervene
2205. MEDICATION n. a medicine; treatment; remedy.
1206. MEDIOCRE adj. average; ordinary; commonplace.
1207. MEEK adj submissive; humble; not aggressive
1208. MELANCHOLIC adj. gloomy; depressed.
1209. MELANCHOLY n. depression; gloominess; sadness
1210. MELLOW adj. mature; soft and ripe; gentle; relaxed
1211 MELODIOUS adj. pleasing to the ear; musical; tuneful
1212. MEMO n a note; memorandum; written communication.
1213. MENACE n. a threat; a harmful thing or person
1214. MEND v. to fix; repair; improve.
1215. MENIAL adj. servile; lowly
1216. MENTOR n. wise counselor; teacher.
1217. MERCHANT n. one who buys and sells goods; a shopkeeper.
1218. MERCY n. compassion; leniency; forgiveness
1219. MERGE v. to blend together; unite; be absorbed
1220. MERIT n. worthiness; value.
1221. METAPHORICAL adj. figuratively; not literal
1222. METEORIC adj. swift and brilliant; like a shooting star.
1223. METICULOUS adj. extremely careful; fastidious.
1224. MIDGET n. a very small person; miniature version.
1225. MIGRANT n. person or animal which moves to other areas.
1226. MILEAGE n. distance in miles; traveling allowance.
1227. MINGLE v. to mix; blend; combine; associate.
1228. MINIMIZE v. to belittle; reduce; lessen; depreciate.
1229. MINUTE adj. vet small; tiny; insignificant
1230. MIRTH n. gladness; lightheartedness; gaiety; hilarity.
1231. MISCELLANEOUS adj. mixed; diversified; varied; heterogeneous.
1232. MISCHIEVOUS adj. causing trouble; annoying; teasing; playful
1233. MISERLY adj. stingy; tending to hoard wealth
1234. MISPLACE v. to put in the wrong place; lose; bestow wrongly
1235. MISSILE n. a weapon or object hurled through the air
1236. MISSION n. a duty; charge or special service; function.
1238. MODULATE v. to adjust; regulate; temper; vary.
1239. MOLEST v. to disturb; interfere; attack sexually.
1240. MONARCHY n. a government with a hereditary ruler.
1241. MONOTONOUS adj. unvarying; boring; tediously uniform; dull.
1242. MONSTROUS adj. grotesquely abnormal; outrageous; huge
1243. MONUMENTAL adj. imposing; enormous; notable.
1244. MOODY adj. gloomy; uneasy; sullen; emotionally inconstant. 1245. MOOT adj. debatable; unresolved
1246. MORALE n. level of confidence, courage and discipline
1247. MORALITY a. virtue; concept of right and wrong; ethics.
1248. MOROSE adj. sullen; gloomy.
1249. MORSEL n. a small piece of something; a bite of food
1250. MORTAL adj. subject to death; human; deadly; fatal
1251. MOTIF n. recurrent thematic element
1252. MUGGY adj. hot and humid
1253 MUMBLE v. to speak indistinctly; mutter.
1254. MURAL n. a large painting done on a wall
1255. MUSEUM n. an exhibition building.
1256. MUSTER v. to assemble; gather.
1257. MUTE adj. unable to talk or vocalize; silent; not speaking.
1258. MUTILATE v. to disfigure; maim; damage
1259. MUTUAL adj. reciprocal; shared
1260. MYSTERIOUS adj. unexplainable; obscure; enigmatic; puzzling; occult
1261. MYTHICAL adj. imaginary; fictitious; legendary.