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04-15-2003, 06:35 AM
Finally,I got my score and I want to share it with all of u.Well,as I can see here are many better scores,but personally I think I did what I should do.I needed 213 but I`ve got 230,so I am happy.
Let me list my results from the four sections:
Listening - 22
Struchture - 26
Reading - 21
Writing - 5

Listening section was not so easy and I thought I answered correctly most of the questions,but unfortunately my result can explain...I had 30 questions and at the first moment I was happy that were not 50!The short conversations were easy but the lectures were confusing.I want to tell all future test takers not to be in a hurry and do not panic when u do not know the answer.Just try to remember as much as u can from what u have heard.Be very very concentrated!

Structure section was very easy and here I have to thank to all the guys from that forum who hepled me to reveal some important rules.Special thanks to Erin as well!I had 25 questions and I thought I got all them right(I had 12-28 points),but again my score showed me that I made some mistakes.I was very angry at myself coz I thought I already know all the grammer rules.

Reading section was a nightmare for me.I had 55 questions.The first three texts I felt I am doing good,but after that I got tired and wanted just to finish the section.Actually,the reading is my weak section even when I made POWERPREP.I got 22-23 no more...And I want to share with u that I do read a lot of English books and I understand most of it.So,I suppose the TOEFL Reading section has some specific rules which I didn`t pay a lot attention before my exam.My tip here is practice as much as u can!!!

Writing section - absolutely easy.I had very easy topic:Somy studets prefer to study alone,others in groups.Which one do u prefer and why?
I must confess that I hadn`t written any essay before my test just because I was absolutely sure I can do that.Thanks to Erin for some essays which he posts on this wonderful website!I just took a look and understood the structure of the essay.That hepls me a lot!To the future test takers:Do not panic!This is the easiest part and if u have studied for the other three parts there is no doubts that u will write essay.U have 30 min which is a lot time!Be sure in ur ability and u will succeed!

These are my explanations and I will be happy if they would help someone before the test.I prepared alone with this website and CDes(POWERPREP and Longman-I really recommend them to all who intend to take TOEFL in future!) for 2 months.I really hope that I will be approved by the Dutch university and will have no problems with student viza!I will be the happiest person if I can get it!
Best of luck to u who are going to take TOEFL!Let`s all ur educational dreams come true!
Best regards:Poli :cool:

04-15-2003, 10:52 AM
Hello Poli,



04-15-2003, 03:29 PM
Hey Poli,

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! My friend :-)

wishing u success in all ur future endeavors :-)


04-16-2003, 05:32 AM
Thank u,hitheredia and Vinay!
Same to u,buddy Vinay!:-)