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05-04-2003, 08:11 PM
hi folks!!
I am schedules for gre on 13th may. I need help in vocab. though i have read through barrons, i need help in last min preparations. Kindly help me with smart tips. I am finding it hard to remeber the word list.

hoping to hear from u giuys soon

05-05-2003, 06:23 AM
Hi Ribtas,
Even i learned the whole barron's wordlist , each and every word in it. So i can suggest u that u should not be panicking now as the time is less. What i 'll advise u is to don't be frightened with any of the section whether it be verbal or quant.
Actually when i took GRE , i was bit afraid of Verbal and didn't want to have verbal as experimental section. Unfortunately , verbal was my experimental section and there is no means to know it ( if its experimental or not) . Also my quant one was a bit more tricky and wasn't satisfied with the section after finishing it and hence had its impact on the last verbal section (and i m sure that one was the one that counted). The result was unsatisfactory. I got V-510 and Quant-800.

So piece of advice is to practice taking full length tests and be ready to face music for 4 hrs. Also if u r good at barons list then let me tell u that still a lot of words are from barons only and if u keep ur cool , 600 plus is definitely on cards ( as my friend had who prepared with me and got 600 in verbal and Quant-800). IMPORTANT thing is to treat each section on merit and don't let other things affect u.

And about wordlist then i will say , keep going thro' those words which u tend to forget and try to associate some sort of association of those words in mind ( if time permits).

'welt' u can see welt as 'we + belt' i.e. we all got beaten by belt . But how u gonna prove it .
Simply by showing 'mark from a beating or whipping' and this is what welt means.

'wrath' : ('wrong' + 'math') : when i got one question wrong in maths test then guess what happened , i was full of 'anger' and here is meaning of wrath.

Best of luck

05-05-2003, 09:25 AM
Hi jassur,

congrats on ur excellent quant score.

u said ur Quants was tricky. wht do u mean by tht? I mean tricky in wht sense difficult questions or time consuming questions.

thnx in advance...


05-05-2003, 09:55 AM
Thanx vinay for ur suggestion about second attempt . By tricky , i meant that they were a bit lengthy (unlike powerprep or other softwares i used), and also lot of difficult geometry questions where there was difficulty in reaching to the conclusion of the problem ( quite unlike powerprep). Usually when i took practice tests at home , i used to complete quant with around 5 min remaining . But the real paper was completed just in time with few seconds remaining and also i wasn't all that confident of answers of 2-3 questions. Hence i would say its level was certainly better than contemporary softwares available for practice.

05-06-2003, 12:40 AM
hi jassur

Thanks a lot for your suggestion and congratulations to you. Quant score is fabulous and verbal is good too.
I am taking full length verbal tests. My score doesnt seems to grow over 450. Are these score comparable with the actual test? I am taking test from powerprep and barrons.

kindly do reply back

05-06-2003, 06:41 AM
Hi Ribtas,
Nothing can match real test because of unfamiliar ambience of test center and hence most of the first time takers are nervous. But be assure that the whole test and each and every direction will be similar to powerprep software only. U'll see the no of questions associated to a particular RC as in powerprep . Generally AWA section helps in settling yourself at the test center.

As u'll find anywhere else, first 5-8 questoins are most important and hence can spend a little bit more time on them but overcautious approach can lead to debacle. Hence stick to the strategies u adopt while taking tests at home. Be Calm and complete your sections on time.

Don't worry about scores , we all can only give in our best and rest
is inconsequential

05-14-2003, 01:02 AM
I aggree with jassur that there is no need to worry about scores. As
long as you have studied hard and done your best that is all that anyone can ask for. But scores are needed to join universaties.

Normally when people get bad scores they get depressed but as long as you have done you best keep happy.

All the best,