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05-05-2003, 06:40 AM
Hi friends,
I got a meager total of 1310 (V-510 and Q-800) . I m quite unsatisfied with it . I m doing B.Tech (Comp Sc) from a newly formed univ in India. So with this total , getting a good univ and financial aid both seems remote to me.

So i m seriously thinking about second attempt. So i have few questions:

1) I heard from some of friends that U.S. is saturated and hence no use in doing M.S. (in computer science) from a middle tier univ there. I should better look for places like Canada as there is lot of scope of improvement.

2) I m not sure but feels that this score can only land me to 40-60 ranking univ and even there few chances of getting financial aid ('coz my univ is new)

3) I m also not sure of concept of average score or best score considered by universities. So i want to know if in my second attempt i get one of these ranges(in Verbal considering 800 in Quant) then which univ should i look to apply for.
i) 630-650
ii) 570-620

Please help me .
I will be highly grateful to you guys.
Thanks a lot

05-05-2003, 09:35 AM
Hi jassur,

I m doing MCA frm a newly formed university UP TECH in India. But I dont think it will matter.
Only GRE score r not important, ur Percentage,SOP,Experience if any r also important. Also universities like UIC,TAMU,OSU etc r good though they may not be top most. Also Computer science situation will change soon as Value for real Intelligence and talent will remain in the race.

Also admission also depends on luck coz I have seen genius ppl not gettin admission although they got excellent GRE score.

So dont lose heart and just Apply and have faith in God.

About second attempt think twice before moving ahead. Moreover since u have 800 in quants u will not face any probs in CS as Q is more imp. for CS as far as I have heard.

If u have taken TOEFL and u have good score in it then it may help u to hide ur Verbal Score.

Best of luck for all ur future endeavors.