View Full Version : Hoping for 2nd time

06-01-2003, 02:42 AM

I am a new forum member. I am in a terrible chaotic state. I have appeared for a GRE on October 2002. But my score was not good. I have scored 1040(V-320, Q-720). Several things confusing me before I make up my mind to give GRE for the 2nd time.

I have seen that apart from GRE score, Univ's also give importance to Recommendation, SOP's, Experience, Academic record, achievements.
Except GRE score, I have a 3 years experience in a consultancy firm Engineers India Ltd. During my 3 yrs I am involved in hardcore electrical design of refineries and offshore platforms. Also I have a academic record of 80% in Electrical Engineering (Jadavpur University). But my only drawback is GRE score. I am planning to give GRE for the 2nd time , but the matter of average score is scaring me very much. I am also hearing few Univ's do not always consider average score. Can anybody give me proper information?. Also, Can anybody tell me whether it will be justifiable to appear for the 2nd time?

Best reagrds