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07-03-2003, 02:35 PM

I've been reading people talking about this Big Book from ETS which is a must read. I understand that earlier, this used to be the older version that contained 27 actual GRE tests. Now, it is called "GRE: Practicing to take the General Test" 10th Edition, which now contains only 7 tests.

My question is: Is there a way I can purchase a new or 2nd hand old big book version in Delhi (India)?? If you know any bookstore or anyone who wants to sell it, then please let me know. Also, is the 10th edition available at bookstores in India, or is ordering online on ets website the only way to purchase it??? You can post your reply here or email me at rbmat@rediffmail.com

Please someone let me know asap. Thanks.


07-04-2003, 05:44 PM
go to nai sarak at delhi and ask for big book either at shops or with guys who approach u asking if u want to buy a book.

These guys will take u to some shops whr u can buy old big book.