View Full Version : Quality vs Quantity of your work (publication wise)

05-25-2006, 03:16 PM
As an undergraduate or someone who just step into researching ... do you really get a chance to select where you want to publish your works to ? You probably will depend on your advisor who makes that decision. You'll be jumping in joy since it's yours and its your first publication.

My adviser told me to go for quantity (e.g., conference papers) since I am unknown, slowly build up the name first. Even in statement purpose, mention papers or researches that are being worked on... Or even some theories I have (which often impractical when applied).

But for him (who has tenure), he goes for quality, e.g., named journal papers, invite articles, etc (which takes a ridculous long period of time to publish btw)

This of course by no mean that you should do sloppy works. And avoid conferences which are known to accept 'randomly generated' papers :) Quality is obviously good ... but at your age, take some risks, show off your enthusiasm and energy and makes ton mistakes :]

Enough posting for the first day ...