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07-16-2003, 01:35 PM
Hi everybody,

following is the para I am just copying from PrincetonReview site.

"ETS uses the "holistic" scoring method to grade essays; your writing will be judged not on small details but rather on its overall impact. The ETS essay readers are supposed to ignore small errors of grammar and spelling. That's a good thing for both you, the test taker, and the TA, the ETS grader. These graders practically work in a sweatshop environment in the world of academia. Each person gets two minutes to read each essay, tops! That's 30 essays an hour. They have to work for eight hours straight, with only an hour off for lunch at the ETS cafeteria. So they basically grade 240 essays a day. That's a lot! These poor guys and girls do not have time for an in-depth reading of your essay. Do you think a well thought-out idea and clever analysis is going to win them over? Think again, they're really not in the mood. They have a quota to meet (hello, sweatshop!) so the most your essay will get is a fast skim. And by the time he or she gets to your work of art, well, the grader has most likely read over a hundred already. So no matter how innovative you were in coming up with original thoughts, that grader has either already seen them or couldn't really care less. "

No offence to those TAs, but I doubt they can evaluate our 1:15 minute effort in 2 minutes. If the scoring is so sloppy, I wonder why it is even a criterion for admission.

Anyway, it is just my opinion.