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06-13-2002, 12:20 PM
please analyse my essay
Topic: If you could study a subject that you have never have the opportunity to study ,what would you choose ? explain your choice using specific reasons and details.

If I have the chance to take a course that I never took I would certainly take a complete course on solar power generation.

Nowadays Electricity has almost become the basic neccessity. It seems that life stops alltogether if we lack electric power . the use of electricity is very wide ranging from basic amenities like making food to giving us comforts. I am able to type and post this essay only because of the electric power.the computer I type uses electricity for operating.

Power generation in developing countries is carried mostly by using coal.But the coal deposits are depleting very fast and we need other sources for the generation .morover using coal in the generation of power causes much pollution affecting the health of local people and the whole atmosphere of our earth.so to meet todays enrgy requirments we need unconventional energy resources.

There are many types of renewable enrgy resourses which are useful in generating electric power without causing pollution.They are hydro electric power,wind power and ocean power . but these resourses are not available near the place of usage of the power. It has to be generated at one place and transmitted to the place where it is being used . In doing so much of energy is wasted. So to genrate the electric power at the place of utilisation without causing pollution ,solar energy is the best resource.

Solar energy can be genrated with small units of power generating equipments . local youth can be trained in the maintenance of the solar systems .By doing so we can generate employemnt without much investment. Thus it can be used to tackle the unemployemnt problem in developing countries.

In the countries like ours it is very difficult for the goverments to provide Elctricity for rural areas and areas having hills . lack of elctricity is certainly an indication of lack of advancement in many areas. I our country (India) solar lamps were Provided for a community in Rajasthan , and they were given training in the maintenance. It provided the women an opportunity to continue education through night schools by using those solar lights.
In the rural areas of our country still firewood is used for food preparation .It effects health of those women . so we can help them by giving them solar cookers and solar electric stove.
So learning the production and mainteneance of solar power helps me to serve my country. I can give training to local youth by trasferring my knowledge to them.It helps not only my country but the whole world by alleviating pollution.

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