View Full Version : quant strategies?

08-06-2003, 06:00 PM
hi there

i read some posts where it was suggested that the quant section of the gre is changing and more difficult questions seem to be the norm (especially Corordinate geometry, etc). some of them point out that the soft questions in the barrons and princeton guides arent representative of the real test questions. I wanted to ask a few questions..
for the indian students on this site, is doing the quant aptitude book by RS Aggarwal a good option (in addition to the GRE guides)? for somebody whose forte isnt quant., and
secondly, what is the best strategy to study for the quant section? is doing the ETS tests in the original guide plus barrons and powerprep sufficient? In the end, i realise its an aptitude test, and one can only do so much, but how does one maximise his/her potential? anythoughts?