View Full Version : Experience about SSAT?

Sunshine ^^
09-28-2006, 04:32 PM
Hello everyone,

I am going to take SSAT in November or December this year. Can anyone tell me your experience about this test?

Which part is the most difficult, in your opinion? Are there any sites where I can find SSAT real tests? Does anyone have (or recommend) some useful materials for me to learn by myself (especially about the Verbal part, which materials may help me do this part well?)?

Which score seems to be the "accepted score"? Or which score most highschools and some best highschools in US require?

And all of other things you'd like to tell me about SSAT ^^

Thanks in advance,

10-06-2006, 10:48 PM
You can check out www.ssat.org (http://www.ssat.org) to order sample tests; they aren't available elsewhere. I think the verbal section is the hardest for most people that I work with.

But what kind of high school will you be applying to? Most schools don't require the SSAT, so you may not have to take it...