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11-13-2006, 12:53 PM
1. Interstitial Nephritis Is Side Effect Of
Clindamycin, Cephelexin Asithromycin, Naficilin.
2. Placing Impermeable Covering On The Steroid Cream Applied Skin ?
Increase Dryness, Increase Absorption, Decrease Temp, Decrease Circulation.

3. Liver Disease Limits Use Of?
Verapamil, Nifedipine, Diltiazem, Digoxin.

4.water Solubility?
Ch3-ch2-ch2-c0-0ch3, Ch3-ch2-ch2-co-oh, Che-ch2-chw-co-h, Ch3-ch2-ch2-co-ch3.

5.administration Of Carbonic Anhydrase?
Increase Systemic Ph, Secretion Of H+ Increase, Increase Retention Of Sodium And Pottasium.

6. Dermatophytes Are Bit?
Systemic, Saprophytes, Superficial, Keratocytic.

7. Gi Process That Is Not Directly Regulated?
Pancreatic Enzymes, Gi Enzymes, Absorption Of Lipid, Hcl Secretion.

8. Vit D + Calcium Given Together
Prevent Kidney Problem, Stimulate Calcium Utilization, Decrese Toxicity Of Calcium, Incease Resorption Of Calcium From Kidney.

I Think The Answer Is Stimulate Calcium Utilization, Is That Correct Plz Let Me Know.

9. Cytokines Are?
Cytotoxic , Regulate Cell Division, Involved In Compliment Cascade, Communication Between Cells.

10. Feedback Mechanism Is Regulaed By?
Product, Compartmentalization, Zymogen Inactivation, Covalent Modification.

11.what Is Sperm Maturation Time

12. Which Is Not Enzyme Inhibitor?
Cimitidine, Cipro, Meprobamate, Probencid.
I Think Cimitidine And Cipro Are Inhibitors, But What About The Remaining 2. Plz Let Me Clear.

There Questions Are Very Imp, Let Everybody Know About These,
Thanks In Advance, And Wishing All The Best For All Of Us.