View Full Version : GRE in one week (not able to retake)

08-27-2003, 03:20 AM
Hi all!! I'm new to the forums. I took my TOEFL test today, and I found out about this great site yesterday. Wow, this is such an incredible job you are doing here. Congratulations!!

My TOEFL was 227-283. What do you think about it? I'll be taking my GRE in a week. If I want to meet the deadlines for some universities, I may not be able to retake the GRE :shy:. That's why, although I've been practicing for the GRE, I think I need to practice a lot this week.

I was supposed to had more time for preparation, but I had some problems in my country, actually, my graduation act was delayed, we went into a two months general strike, we have a really cruel president.. anyway, let's not talk about sad things :D

I'm a computer engineer, and one of my dreams is going to the University of Texas at Austin. Probably get a masters in the Operation Research area or the Computer Sciences area. Well, I think I just wanted to introduce myself and hear some comments from you. Again, congratulations for the site!! :)

08-27-2003, 09:07 AM
That' no problem. U can do well in one week. Just practice a lot. Work hard, i hope u'll do better. All the best. Hey,write to me about ur Gre.