View Full Version : Good luck Guys!

12-02-2006, 12:37 AM
Our prayers and best thoughts go to all of you. I predict that mos of you will leave the testing center with a mixed, sometimes strange feelings but that is ok and normal. Do not worry too much, keep praying and put your trust in the hand of GOD. You will be just fine, Inchallah!.
During the last 6 months I tried to keep my promise to help you guys, some may find my comments useful, other will find them useless, in any case I truly tried my best to help you guys, in the name of our common goal of achieving our objective. Please remember: you will owe a lot to this forum after you clear your exam, so, to give back what you received, I hope you will be around for the next six months to help the June 2007 exam takers.
Please let us know about your feelings and impressions on the test after you took it.
Goos luck and May the All-Mighty guide your steps.