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12-02-2006, 10:20 PM
Hi. I'm new in the forum though I've been reading a lot of the threads a long time ago.
I've been accepted to sit for the June exam though I already submitted my credential last April06 before the new Nabp requirement, I have deficiencies and just cleared all those problems and now finally can read my books, I have CPR 4th edition I wonder if I need to buy a new edition, any adviice and Manan books. I graduated a long time ago and working as a CPhT in a hospital here in Anchorage for 1 year now but i decided to stop for awhile and consentrate on my review. To be honest, I dont know where and how to start, you are all supportive of one another here, that gives me the courage and aspiration to become one of your colleagues....please please any advice...i need all your help