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12-10-2006, 04:15 AM
The usual disclaimer: Not the exact question, but the general idea. :)

#1 Talk about a work of art (poem, song, etc) that left a lasting impression on you. Explain why?

#2 Some people think that once they start a new book, they should finish it, others donít feel that way. What is your opinion?

Writing #2 It is better to use land for human needs such as farming, housing and industry than save the land for endangered animals. Agree/disagree

12-10-2006, 05:35 AM
Yes, the same questions in Toronto too.Moreover, in the speaking section, two students have discussed about uni. library decision that all paper journals were switched to online ones and they supported the idea. because 1.Avoided to build another library space for those papers. 2. Everyone reached from home to the journals and research rate in the university was increased. 3. I could not remember the third one
In addition there was a lecture on life cycle change. Each animals numbers depend on others and they keep themselves in balance. Some animals can be grown faster if there is enough preys or vice versa. Prof. gave the example of wolves and mice. One side increasing other decreasing and after the opposite one is happening.
Also, in the writing section, there was a written topic regarding the history of early factories in UK. What were the reasons? Because, new technology like steam machines required more space? because, home owner did not want to be disturbed by the others? or because, transportation was paid by the bosses and they wanted to gather all workers at the same building and decrease the spends? But, the lecture was suggesting completely opposite idea.
In speaking section, there was a problem with boy student could not catch up project deadline (it was the day after next day), because he had to go to museum to complete it but the museum would be closed next day and he could not go to museum evening because he has another lecture at the same time. So, they discussed to postpone the project by talking to the professor or not to go the lecture and finish the project.

12-10-2006, 11:04 PM

Did my Exam on dec 9th.One of the speaking topics (task3-4) was about cyclic reproduction in which the professor talks for the need for balance to prevent the predator from growing big and also to help the prey to recover and increase in size...

The reading Comprehension was very very tough.I had done enough practice but still found it the most difficult part in the exam...