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Sorry here is the q:

A theatre enesmble group consisting of two male actors - jeff and kirk- and theree actors -REna, Sara and tanya- plans to give a performance of a play that has exactly eight roles. roles 1,2 and 3 must be played by males ;roles 4,5, and 6 must be playe by females.Each actor must play at least one role,and the number of roles necessiates that some of the actors will play more than one role.the pairs of roles below are the only pairs that do not require the actors playing the to be on stage at the same time;appearances in these oles are spaced far enough apart to allow time for costume changes for actors for actors playing more than one role.

Roles 1and 2
Roles 3 and 6
roles 3 and 7
roles 4 and 5
roles 4 and 8
roles 5 and 8

REna and Sara cannot play roles that require them to be on stage together at the same time.

21.Jeff could play and of the following roles EXCEPT

22. which of the following actors CANNOT play more than one role,regardless of the other role assignments?