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03-05-2007, 05:27 PM
Hi all
This is the e-mail address (i think) where we all should mail complaints about ETS. exec-office@nabp.net (exec-office@nabp.net)

03-06-2007, 04:17 AM
Hi friends,
:tup::tup: I feel instead of just banging our head on ETS doors,better to try to convince NABP to reduce the requirement.I think because of this forum's continuous reminders,NABP removed that 2yr validity period for this toefl earlier.I request previous members to guide the new comers to launch a new request to NABP for the reduction of Speaking score.

03-06-2007, 05:03 AM
1. Horrible test condition:

What in the world, a test allows someone to speak in the test room. In addition, last Saturday, my friends who took the iBT at Greenriver complained that test proctors signed test takers in and never lower their voices. They wonder what kinds of human beings these test proctors were.

Worse than that, the tables were set too close. Every time, they signed people in, their LCD monitor screens were shaking. If my friends did not hold the monitor screens, they were going to fall down. What the heck was going on there? I asked my friends why they didn't send the complaint to ETS. "No, for what?:mad: Are they going to refund my money? I have a lot to do with my life."

I am really glad that March 17th will be my last test. No matter the result turn outs, I am not going to take this test again. I don't have to deal with this bloody organization on taking the test. My life will be much happier.

I remember the day before I flew to America. One of my friends reminded me, " Remember! Life in America, no matter how well you do, you are going to be treated as second class people. At the end, you will be left out and be discriminated. That is not your country." "Yes, you are right. I can make a good living no matter where I am in my country. If you don't want me here. I have my way out. I am good for what I am. ":hmm:

2. Why the speaking part is only 10 minutes and is set after 2:30 hours of reading and listening. Why do we have to speak to the machine?

To make more money. If ETS hires human beings to interview, test takers'performance will improve a lot. ETS does not want that to happen.

I hate ETS more and more. I hope that someone will do something for it.

03-06-2007, 02:23 PM
Hey friends,
This is the reply I got from NABP. As I got a reply I'm suggesting all of you to send mail to them. Eventhough I'm not satisfied with the reply, atleast they 'll come to know about the situation.Somebody is reading that, I guess..

Thanks for your email. The TOEFL iBT is designed to provide students and credentialing bodies with more information about the learners' English abilities and how they can improve. The minimal acceptable score for the TOEFL iBT is 18 for listening, 21 for reading, 26 for speaking, and 24 for writing. Applicants must attain passing scores in each of the four sections as indicated and reported on the one official score report as a result of one testing session. Official score reports with a less than minimum score in any section will not be considerd.


03-06-2007, 04:04 PM
Another "Copy and paste." NABP deals with this issue every day.

If you told them about test condition, they are going to say, "please contact ETS."

So what? Who cares?

Write to attorney general and if you are U.S. citizens, write to the mayor of your state.

Good luck.

03-12-2007, 03:40 PM
I read your comments about this. It is really bad and tough for us. I too appeared for TOEFL 2nd time. However, we shld try to score 26 b/c that is the best way. we've seen people in this forum who got 26 and 28 in speaking.
i recently heard that for law schools the requirement for speaking is 28 !
i met a girl who had to attempt 2nd time as she scored 27 ! only in speaking.

03-12-2007, 05:53 PM