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09-18-2003, 10:44 AM
hi tmians,

i am very tense these days...my gre is on 13th oct....n many of my friends are telling me that the gre these days is relatively tough...
i am very scared by their words,,,,

i am doing BIGBOOK..in bigbook verbal i am scoring 600/800....is that a good score...i havent taken pp yet...plzz tell me whether getting 600 in bigbook verbal is good or not...also tell me any fruitful tips...

always waiting for ur reply....

09-21-2003, 08:14 PM
Hey nivasreddy,

I also have heard around that these days the GRE is getting tougher. But make sure that what your friends tell you does not put you of course. You say that your GRE is on 13th oct. That still gives you some time yet to prepare. Take things oneday at a time and always set yourself acheviable targets on a day to day basis. 600/800 is a great score but it does have potential to improve.
Some Fruitful tips : just stay focused dont let words put you of course the GRE may be getting harder but it is no obsticle you can't overcome. Continue with your study plan choose one that is suitable for you try to take things slowly and remember to give yourself breaks from time to time. Other then that really just hold your head up high and remind yourself there is no obsticle you can't overcome.
Best of luck for oct 13th let us know if you kneed any more help or information.
Best wishes,