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07-02-2002, 08:21 PM
I finished toefl test just a few hours ago. I got 207 and I have to wait for the essay scores. I expected that the reading will be the hardest section but it was not. The listening was the most difficult. My advise; try to concentrate as strong as you can. The reading was easy for my because there were not many words I did not know.
The one thing I want to share is that if you prepare to the exam using the old form test in te scale 600 you can have a diffrent scores than from this new one. I got from the paper-based aroung 570-590. But when I took this one in the scale 300 I got only around 206-213 so essay weight much and it seems that is worth to prepare for it.
I hope that I will pass. I wrote something about 250 words so in the worst case I got additional 10 points.
I use this web site to take some ideas for the essays. I really needed to see some essays when I started my learning of the writing essays. I did not have ideas and it took me a lot of time to learn how to invent the ideas. But after 30 essays I wrote I just got more confidence and I started to develop ideas by myself.

Thank you for gathering those essays there were very valuable for me.


07-02-2002, 08:31 PM
Dear Anbi,

Your score is great !! I took the Toefl test three days before and the total score that I achieved was 183-240 ,now we have to see what I did on the essay .
Anbi Congratulations !!!! Even that you have made 10 points on essay your score is very good.
Good work !!!


07-02-2002, 09:03 PM
This is great advice. I hope others read it and heed your words.

Thanks for posting!


07-06-2002, 04:43 AM
Hello Erin,

IF I will get my student visa ,and one day with God's help I will be in America I will come to visit your school.You are such a good teacher, and not just a teacher,also a very pleasant person, nice and allways there for his students.
These are great qualities. I wish one day I will be like you !

You are simply great !