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09-26-2003, 04:39 AM

every one. my final score is 253 (203-257) essay 5/6

thanks a lot to Erin Billy who has created such a wonderful site.

as I prepared my self site helped a lot.

i would like to give some suggestions to fresh takers

1.pl. note tht every question is counted for score. dont take any question lightly, or dont loose concentration at any point of the test.

2.only reliabe material is POWER PREP. What score you get in that is the FINAL!!!! variation may be within 10-15 marks.

3.pl. work on POWER PREP material as many times as possible.(take 2 tests 20-30 times).
4.Although, the questions in actual TOEFL test are different from POWER PREP material,patterns in structures,WORDS used in listening r same.

for eg. university,admission, appartments,psycology, .....etc these words which r used in listening section of the POW PREP material will be repeated. so practicing POWPREP listening section,makes one familier with the accent of most frequently used words in ACTUAL TEST!!!
almost 100%

thanks all for sharing your experiences.

(though I was visiting web site regularly ,i was not an active member)

09-26-2003, 05:46 AM
Congrats!!! [banana][goodjob] and Thank you for your insight experiences. [dance]