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09-29-2003, 01:15 AM
Please, if someone could clarify for me whether or not
we're penalized on the GRE CAT for running out of time
on either the Verbal or Math section?

I'm only asking because 800score.com's practice GRE
penalizes my score for running out of time and intimates
(use those words!) that the same is true for the GRE CAT.
I don't remember anything being said about a penalty
in my GRE prep class, so I hope it isn't true. Still...

(My GRE is Oct 3, gulp!)

09-29-2003, 07:22 AM
Mine's tomorrow!

From ETS's info on the GRE CAT:
"If you are running out of time at the end of a section, make every effort to complete the test. Data indicate that most test takers get higher scores if they finish the test. In fact, based on analyses of test takers, a majority of test takers will score higher if they finish the test than if they do not attempt to answer all of the questions. There is a chance that guessing at the end of the test can seriously lower your score. The best strategy is to pace yourself so that you have time to consider each test question, and won't have to guess. "

So don't just guess to finish them, but yes, it's better to finish. The first time I took the PowerPrep test I got stuck on the math and didn't finish (can't remember how many unanswered, but maybe 8 or so). Even though I did quite well on the questions I had answered, my score was a lot lower than what I would have liked (I'd been scoring in mid to high 700s for math on the paper based practice tests, but got something like 650 or 660 the first time I did PP).

I don't know exactly how much you're penalized, or even if there is a formula, but ETS says that you're scored on 1) the number you answer, 2) your performance on those you answer, taking account of difficulty level, etc.
It's a good idea to review all this info at: http://www.gre.org/cbttest.html

09-30-2003, 12:28 AM
Hmm, so there may or may not be an actual penalty,
but either way, time management is still the key.

*gulp* Mid to high 700s on the math is something I haven't
managed, on either the paper or the PP tests. Could you
do me a favor and post how you did on the math tomorrow,
or just your impressions of how it compared to the paper
or PP tests?

Best of luck to you tomorrow!!!! [banana]