View Full Version : Hi~I am a newcomer.Is there anyone from China or UK?

04-22-2007, 07:18 AM
My current major is Chinese Language and Literature.
I am in the 3rd year as a undergraduate student.
Now studying in Beijing,I am Chinese.
I am planing go to UK for further education.
Royal Holloway of London University is one of my favourite university and it is also the one I will apply to.

I took TOEFL one year ago---547,a poor score.
so,I am preparing to retake it this June 24th.Hopefully I can get IBT100+.
There is only one chance to take GRE-sub in Mainland,that is in Nov.
I am gona try my best!

I had classes in Chinese lit.,English lit.&American lit.,World lit. and lit. theories.
I think I am fit for learning and doing research in Lit.
I wish I can meet some friends who are now studying English Literature or Comparative Literature.or someone who had in the past,or will in the future,:tup:If anyone is interested in Chinese literature,please let me know you and feel free to ask me any question.By the way,I have a lot of ebooks about Chinese literature and culture to share ,provided you can read in Chinese.:)

04-22-2007, 07:23 AM
how to find me?
well,my MSN id is:lu_qinqin@hotmail.com
My Google id is:luqin2007@gmail.com:)