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10-10-2003, 04:50 PM
gave GRE on 9th oct 1420 Q780 V640

how I cherish the day around 3 months back when I typed the words 'GRE test preperation' in the google search bar and adventitously(accidently) bumped into TestMagic.com.


the most valuable advice I can give to anyone aiming at a 600+ in GRE is to religiously and diligently learn/mug the 51 barrons wordlists, and learn if not all atleast 90% of the words.
i took about 4 months because of my inconsistent scheduling ,though it can be done comfortably in 2 months,and desperately in 1 month.

make actual physical flashcards for the new words that you learn after going through each wordlist.dont just make the cards , you gotta flash them before your eyes everyday only then can you make a word stick in your memory.pile up all the difficult cards seperately and go through them more frequently then the easier cards,slowly u'll see that the pile of easy words is increasing and the difficult one decreasing

so that covers your vocabulary part, now comes the part where you need to actualy apply these words in cracking the verbal section, for this there is no other book I can recommend that can teach you better techniques then the princeton review('cracking the GRE') book.this one has some realy cool tips on cracking the verbal section, and you will see that you gradualy start feeling comfortable on the verbal section using the process of elimination('POE' as the prineton guys call it)technique.

barrons is good for practising verbal as it has lots of problems,but dont follow the techniques given they'll confuse u, they are much easier to follow in princeton


well there isnt much to say here,except that I have a strong feeling that the section is no longer as it used to be.its about 10-20%:o tougher,with more importance given now a days to mean,median,mode,standard deviation,and venn diagrams(not simple two circle ones,but three)

geometry,numbers,etc remain the same

and the probability of a probabilty question appearing on the test is probably better left unsaid :crazy:,bcos though my friend got 3 on his test I got none.

ok, this is important:::DONT ASSUME THAT IF you HAVE LEARNT ALL THE MATHS TECHNIQUES IN BARRONS,THATS ENOUGH IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT you SOLVE ALL THE PRACTISE PROBLEMS ON THE POWERPREP CD, and also go through the maths review PDF file in the powerprep cd I made a mistake here didnt work on the powerprep much and paid the price on the actual test.


no comments, cos I didnt prepare for this, just the last 2 days before the GRE went through princeton,but got easy topics on the actual test, so hope to get 5/6

so thats it, I again stress that go through the powerprep software!!!!!!!

10-11-2003, 02:33 AM
Hi thetrooper,

Nice tips... thanks [goodjob]

I use Kaplan for my preparation, both Verbal and Quant. I like the way they explain all the sections there. I haven't read Princeton's Cracking the GRE, but some of my friend recommend not to use it, because of its misleading tricks. Is it true?


Zulfikar Dharmawan

10-11-2003, 04:06 AM

to be frank I too thought in the beginning that buying the princeton book was waste but in the last month of my preparation I really found the princeton tricks helpful as they were very effective and easy to remember,as promised, ill try to post them as soon as possible

10-11-2003, 12:29 PM

hi thetrooper,
:) thanks for sharing your ideas and for the advice.and also congats for your score[goodjob]
I am a medical graduate preparing to take GRE this nov.( only 5 wks). I bought barrons and started studying ( 18 wl completed). How did you prepare for analo, RC?
since I am from medical field I havent done any maths for last 7 yrs:(.Can you please advice me about GRE maths preparations.:o.looking forward for your reply


10-11-2003, 04:38 PM
hi irumbu,

your medical background wont affect your maths in any way, cos its all high school maths, you just need to practise

i recommend this

1) first finish of the last chapter in barrons called 'maths review' and attempt the practise exercises after every topic very seriously

2) now barrons covers about 90% of the maths, so you need to use your GRE powerprep cd to cover up the remaining 10% go through the 'maths review'(pdf file) as it has a summary of all the maths needed on the GRE, finish that and start practising the quant section tests on the CD (these are very important as they are exactly the type of questions you should expect on your real GRE)

be sure to practise problems on mean,median,standard deviation and coordinate geometry(in powerprep cd), I got about 4-5 on my test from these.(dont go too deep into them,just know the fundamentals)

as for verbal you're doing great, try to finish of the wordlists as soon as possible(all 51) in another 3-4 weeks, but its very important that you revise regularly,u do that and verbal should be a piece of cake

i prepared analogies and RC from princeton review,as mentioned in my earlier posts,get hold of that book if you can

also read editorials in newspapers,and pay frequent visits to aldaily.com as it has a nice collection of articles on varied topics

10-11-2003, 10:05 PM
:Dthanks the trooper I WILL go throgh barrons maths and buy a new princeton.
Take care ,hAVE A NICE DAY


Asma Saif
10-12-2003, 12:30 PM
I myslef found the princeton review('cracking the GRE') very helpful.It is a very good book for learning the techniques and tells you precicesly what to do about a probelm so do use that book.another thing is that one should also practice to write from the pool of essays given they are very helpful for practicing the AWA part.

02-03-2004, 10:32 AM
thanks alot for a valuable information

02-25-2004, 05:20 AM
hi thetrooper,

I am prep for GRE,so tell me which books to study to get score like you.
reply soon

02-26-2004, 02:38 AM
Great info given there.... Good job.