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06-25-2007, 12:19 AM
I will be taking the Ibt exam again:( for the ___ th time. Anybody who will join me to prepare for the exam. Just buzz me or just add my yahoo id. It will be a month of preparation so lets get started. But I do appreciate the effort of "knok" i will support you just let me know on whatever you need. Me myself I am a victim too that i just realize when I read your complaint form. They just cancelled my original test center and put me in test center which is 100 miles away from my place without calling me or informing me. I just found out 3 days prior to examination day on my email. What if i dont read my email everyday????:mad: I called the ets office to ask regarding this matter and their answer is " if you want you can just cancelled the exam and you will get refund" And i told them i need the exam badly, so i dont have the choice but to take the exam even its like 100 miles away from our home. So i have to go there one night before the exam and check in to a motel cause they put me in a 7:00 PM sched and it cost me a lot really.... :yuck: And the sad part is even i know for myself that I do good on that exam specially for the speaking part, but still i failed...:( I got 23/30.
It's a sad story but what can i do i have to take it for my green card to be approved. But i still believe in divine intervention. I know I can make it this time, but i will support whatever the result of this complaint filed by "knok". May the Good Lord Keep Us and Blessed Us All. thanks...

06-25-2007, 06:58 PM
Thank you for your nice words. I am flattering.

Actually, we should give credit to all members, ESL, English, TOEFL teachers, Academic Manager, and everyone who gave me information and helped me write the letters. Without their co-operative efforts, this letter woud not finish. :tup:

Please help by downloading the file into your computer, typing your name and address in the letter, sign your name, and send it to the person named on the heading.

This letter will not help us if we just read but do not send it. The more people send it, the better.

Authority always look at the number of casualties and victims of the case.

Please forward the letter to anyone you know.

Here is the letter:


You can download the file when you register. It is easy to register. Please have your valid email address ready when signing in.

Thank you.;)

Best Regards,[clap]