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07-13-2007, 09:50 PM
Hi there. Well, i did my toefl and got 113 which i think is a strong score. But im struggling to grasp the SAT:rolleyes: . Ive done my SAT I and got a total score of 1790 and yet i need a score that is 2000. Considering that I was capable of getting 113 in the toefl(R28 L28 S27 W30):D one would assume that i would be capable of handling the SAT. Im very capable when it comes to math and evidently im not half bad in english. Can someone give me some advice OR MORE PREFERABLY BOOKS I CAN BUY on how to get my desired score in the SAT(I prefer to post this here than in the SAT forum because I feel I will find more people to relate to here). I plan to do the SAT II exam in October(Math Physics and Chemistry) and i have an air of confidence because Im well into my preparation. But still the element of SAT I remains and I cant figure out how to tackle this. Can someone give me some advice or tips to follow, a site that could guide me to a higher score OR MORE PREFERABLY BOOKS I CAN BUY ? Id really appreciate it...

11-21-2007, 06:01 PM
Be sure to check out this page: Test Prep Books (http://www.testmagic.com/Knowledge_Base/book_recommendations.htm)

You can't really equate TOEFL and SAT scores, since they are very different tests. However, I think that your positive attitude will definitely help you do well on the SAT. :)