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07-14-2007, 12:45 PM
The following appeared in an editorial in the local newspaper of Workville.

"Workers should be allowed to reduce their workload from 40 to 25 or even 20 hours per week because it is clear that people who work part-time instead of full-time have better health and improved morale. One store in Workville, which began allowing its employees to work part-time last year, reports that fewer days of sick leave were taken last year than in previous years. In contrast, the factory in Workville, which does not allow any of its employees to work part-time, had a slight increase in the number of days of sick leave taken last year. In addition, a recent survey reports that most of the store employees stated that they are satisfied with their jobs, while many of the factory employees stated that they are dissatisfied with their jobs."

The argument presented above is relatively sound , however , the author has not taken into account all the points necessary to bring a sound conclusion.For example , the reports are based on one particular store and a factory in the region. It is not necessary that only a part-time worker can have better health and improved morale. Workers can be provided various other facilities to improve their health and morale instead of reducing their job hours.

It can be possible that by reducing the workload , workers may become lethargic and eventually may try to avoid work. So it is not a good idea to reduce the hours. Is is possible that the working conditions in the factory, about which the author is reporting, may not be good and worker friendly. The author of this report should try to find out all the reasons why the workers are not satisfied in the factory and why there is an increase in the number of sick leaves. Reduction of work hours may not be the sole factor in improved morale of employees

Also the author should try to find out the reason for job satisfaction in the store. It can be possible that allowing employees to work part-time may not be the sole reason for reduction in the number of sick leaves. The store may be providing its workers with various other incentives, the resaon that employees are more satisfied with their jobs.the working conditions in the store may be much better than the fcatory. Also the workers may be more cooperative with each other.

It is possible that with the passage of time , the store owner had made the working in store more friendly . He may have provided the employees with more facilities like new technology machines and instruments as compared to previous years.

The author should conduct similar surveys in other stores also in Workville to find out the working trends in them , whether they allow their workers to work part-time or full-time. By surveying only one store we canít come to the conclusion that working hours should be reduced. Other factors like working conditions, surrounding environment, incentives etc., should also be taken into account. Only surveying one store and one factory cannot be the deciding factors that whether the job hours should ne reduced or not.