View Full Version : 223-277 on 20th Oct

10-20-2003, 02:46 PM
Hi Guys

Gave my TOEFL today and got the following score breakup
Listening - 26
Structure - 13 - 29
Reading - 28

I was really surprised to see my reading score as I had always scored a consistent 30 on my powerprep tests.:( .About the listening part,I got distracted by something during the first long conversation and I messed up a lil bit there.
Structure section was cool with no real hard ones to crack.
And I think I did fairly good on the essay part.

Reagrding the prapartion,I had prepared very less for TOEFL as I had pretty tight schedule in my office.But in my opinion,powerprep and TestMagic are more than enough to get a good score(though I cudn't get one :crazy:) .

But guys,Is this score sufficient to apply to the b-schools???
I am really worried!!