View Full Version : Best way to support yourself through grad school?

07-30-2007, 03:00 AM
What is the best way to support yourself and your family through graduate school?

Assume the school is in a small town without any corporations.

Someone had mentioned grading but the source of income is not steady because profs don't need graders every day but you do need money coming in every day.

Are there any other ways to survive?

07-30-2007, 03:58 AM
If you're asking about PhD degree programs, the standard way is to be funded by your department. If you don't get funding for year one, most likely you will get support for year two as long as you pass the core examinations. Of course, if you don't get funding right away, that probably means that you would have to borrow a lot of money during the first year. Having a family can complicate things because many public universities pay about what's sufficient to lead a life of a humble graduate student. Your spouse very likely will have to work somewhere to make the ends meet.

If you're talking about Masters programs, then there are two possibilities. First, you can borrow the money to fund the entire program. After all, takes at most two years and then you will have employment opportunities that will justify borrowing so much money. The second possibility is to have your employer fund your (usually part-time) graduate degree program. This is more common in fields like computer science or business related subjects.