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10-25-2003, 05:11 PM
Today, 25 October 2003 I got the TOEFL exam and it was so difficult than I expected but I realy did well. In the lisenting section all conversations were ok with me to understand them and also I did answer very well in structure section. Regarding reading section I received 5 passages with 55 questions. I read the passages very carfully since this section has the mos questions in this TOEFL exam and I think all questions have been analyzed and chosen correctly by me. In the writing section I wrote the essay that refelects the subject and I prepared it meaningfully. But unfortunately, I received the TOEFL range as follows:-

Listening 16
Structure/Writing 08 to 26
Reading 19
Total 143 to 203

The proplem that I hoped my range starts from 173 and above to make sure that I can admit to the university that accepted me subject to receiving TOEFL score more than or equal to 173 computer base, 500 paper base.

I would like you to clarify me what you expect the writing score that can help me to reach the requested score from the university and weather my total TOEFL score is 173 and more or not.

This is to feel me ok and to let me decide to retake the exam in this month since the spring semester will begin after two months and I do not like to lose my time waiting the final TOEFL score.

Best regards,

10-27-2003, 02:23 AM
Khaled Don't worry try again ... I think you need more practice listening and reading. Good luck. ......Again .......practice....... practice
I think you are do better next time..

10-27-2003, 03:00 AM
Dear Khalid I think your grades:
If you have 1 degree in your essay your grade is 153 :(
If you have 2 degree in your essay your grade is 163 :(
If you have 3 degree in your essay your grade is 173 [dance]
If you have 4 degree in your essay your grade is 183 [dance]
If you have 5 degree in your essay your grade is 193 [banana]
If you have 6 degree in your essay your grade is 203 [banana]
same as you said CBT(173)=PBT(500)
I hope your grade more than 173.


10-29-2003, 12:09 PM
Dear Rayan, I thank you very much for your kind reply, you are right, I think I need more practice in Listening and Reading.

I hope that I made 3 degree or more in my essay in order to get the final grade 173 or more [w00t] which allow me to be admitted in the university and If I did not get this final grade :shy:I will promise you to do more more practice in listening and reading for the next exam.

As soon as my final grade come to me, I will report you.

Many thanks to you.