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10-28-2003, 06:58 PM
finally got my scores after a month.
My scores:
Listening -30
Structure- 30
Reading- 30
TWE- 6.0
Thanks everyone for the support. Wish you all the very best for the exams and admissions.

Hi everyone,

I had my TOEFL yesterday and it went well....I actually took a risk and did not put in much effort but that is something I do not advise anyone to do....lack of preparation had made me quite nervous....

I have always studied in institutions where the language of instruction was English and hence I have a decent grasp over the language. And watching the news, English movies, sitcoms, serials etc helps a lot. Moreover staying in the US for about 10 months and attending classes here helped me a lot too.

My scores:
Listening -30
Structure- 13-30
Reading- 30

Although I had registered for the TOEFL nearly a month in advance I did not recieved my powerprep on time (infact it is not here yet)....I downloaded from the net and practiced the 1st test on the 24th and the other on the 26th. Other than that I practiced all the structure question(from the 8 practice tests) in Barrons.

From my experience , I can say that, one really needs to concentrate on the listening section....do not pay much heed to details....but try to get the essence of the conversation....and while the conversation is on do not get distracted if you've missed out something.....concentrate on the rest of it.....cos often from the rest of the conversation u'll be able to figure out what u've missed.

I feel structure is something that comes with practice....Guess all the tedious practice from Wren & Martin in school paid off.

The reading comprehension was very long and tiring....there were over 50 questions.....I finished well in advance and revised the whole section once.

The essay topic was quite easy, I had glanced over the 1st 110 on the list on the 26th and mine was not one of them. But it was much much easier than most of the others I had seen.

I did manage to go through some of the essays and structure practices in this forum and it really makes me wish I had started preparing earlier....the essays discussed here gave me a good idea of what was expected of us....and I made it a point to go through Erin's and vuhl74's advice. Thank you TestMagic and Erin for helping me once again.

Incase anyone needs to know anything specific...plz feel free to ask me. I would love to be able to help. Wishing everyone the very best for the various exams and admissions.


10-29-2003, 01:47 AM
Mr. Nilanjana

Thank you for your information.
Please by the way I would like to ask you about:

Please tell me more about Listening and Structure.
Which the best way to improve Listening and Structure?

Thanks in advanced for your reply.

10-29-2003, 07:09 PM
Hey, Nilanjana, How's it goin?

First of all, many many congrats to you for your geat score!

I've to pose some specific questions for you.

a) Did you hear any slang words in listening scetion?
b) Which section do you think was a bit harder?
c) Which type of questions did you encounter far often in reading section?
d)Did you find your real test easier than that of powerprep?
e) How was the sound quality of speakers? Was it much articulate than that of powerprep?

f) I just took a sample test from a 'Cambridge review Toefl', I scored 23 in listening section and 29 in grammar but 14 in reading.
I encountered very tough questions. Only one vocabulary question per pessage. Do you think constant reading and practicing can improve my level score within a month of time?


10-29-2003, 08:13 PM
Hi Rayan,

As far as listening is concerned, it will depend where you are from. I am from India, and yes, our accent is very different from that in the US. To improve your listening skills I would advice you to listen to American news broadcasts and watch movies. And practice a lot from the TOEFL test material....do not concentrate on the nitty gritty details of the conversation.....try to understand the subject and the points made by the speakers.

Guess I would have to say the same things about structure...practice a lot.....I glanced through the barrons structure review and they seem pretty thorough with the rules........I had no times, so I just let it go....But here is something that works for me.....I rely a lot on the sound of a sentence....I usually read out the sentences with all the choices....and the incorrect ones usually sound strange to the ear....

I dont know how much help I could be.....wish you all the best for your TOEFL and admissions.

(Ms) Nilanjana.

10-29-2003, 08:39 PM
Hi Asad,

Thanks. Let me give specific answers to your specific questions.
a)The conversations are exactly the same that people speak in the US and as I have mentioned earlier.....I am here for 10 mnths now and even back in my country I used to watch a lot of the American series (Friends, Everybody Loves raymonds etc etc)....so it was nothing out of the ordinary for me.....(you just need to know what a sarcastic 'yeah right' means....what is meant by a sighing 'I wish'...etc)
b) I found a couple of 'long conversations' in the listening section too long....much longer than the powerprep ones.....but no details are asked and that's a relief.....I found the structures of barrons more difficult than either the poperprep or the real test
c)the whole thing was such a daze that I can hardly recall ....sorry.....but I guess it was the normal textual ones :o
d) the real test was very similar to the powerprep except for the long listening I told you abt
e)actually I do not have headphones at home....so I had to use the speakers.....the vpoices were clear .....in the test centre I had to use headphones and the voices were a little raspy....but that was not an impediment....and I should advice you to definitely set the volume to suit your liking
f) Practice will surely help.....but I am so ignorant about the various practice material....I would advice you to talk to someone who has some idea.....the questions in the real TOEFL are not too tough....if you are able to manage a decent score on your powerprep tests, that would be fine....so go ahead and put in your best effort...u'll get your dream score.

Hope I was able to answer some of your queries.....Wish you all the best with the exams and admissions