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09-13-2007, 04:51 PM
Hello everybody,

I did my ugrad (2006) in Business with minor in economics from the most prestigious business school in the country ( doesn’t help, I know) and currently doing my MA in Economics. After completing my second MSc/MA from abroad, I plan to go for a PhD in Development related field.

Given my following profile, what should I do ( apply for MA in econ or go for MPP or development studies and where should I apply?)
Ugrad GPA, BBA, (completed): 3.73 ( Ranked 3rd in the class)
Grad GPA, MA in Econ (ongoing) : 3.85
GRE: 770 (Q), 620 ( V) , 4.5 (A)
Journals : 4 papers under review in local journals related to development economics.
Work Experience: Full time 1.5 ( development organization), Part time 1 year (research associate)Courses: Micro I, Macro I, Int. Micro II, Int. Macro II, International Economics, Metrics, Adv. Metrics, Contemporary Economic Thoughts, Adv. Trade Theory, Adv. Development Economics, Math for Business (Linear Algebra, Basic Calculus), Stat-I,Stat-II, Research Methods, Socio Economic Study. The average GPA for above courses: 3.83.

thanks ( nobody responded to my previous post)

09-13-2007, 05:57 PM
Your other post is only 6 posts below this one at the moment, you should have just bumped it up instead of making a new one. The message board is quite slow right now. I don't remember if that's always the trend, but it will be sure to pick up soon as everyone readies their applications.

I don't respond to profile evaluations because I can't even evaluate my own chances. Also I don't have any unique information about things like the development programs you're asking about, etc. Your advisers and professors will always be the best source of information.